The New Regime

Greetings Soldiers,

I am proud to speak to you all not as your second in command, but as your leader for the first time. I have just been made leader along with Conno, and I am proud to be leader in the most famous army in Club Penguin. For years I have dreamed of this, and now it is a reality, and I am grateful to everyone for their support. But I also have something to say to the haters:

You all weren’t happy when I joined the Nachos, and I have no doubt that you will not be happy now. I will now attempt to sort this out. I have no intention of banning you guys from the army, as some of you are veterans and they have done too much good than to be dismissed from being allowed on our chat. You can hate me and try to bring me down, but you will only hurt the army in the process. All I can say is that I have learned my lesson from past mistakes, and give me a chance. That is all I can ask.

Owners, let’s work together and rise this army. If any of you have concerns, just pc me and we can fix this. Same with any of the troops, I want to make you guys happy. But I have plans to rise the Nachos and make it a powerhouse again. Let’s do this together!


Nachos Leader

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