Disappointing Battle Royale Results [10/8/16]

Greetings Soldiers,

For hours our troops hyped up and worked hard for the Battle Royale, and the event ended up being bot raided and raided by ACP, locking out our troops. CPA announced the room on their chat, not on our chat like they always do for tournaments, and we got in the room a minute late when RPF was already there. Thanks a lot ACP for screwing up the event of an ally. Jammi, you will be made owner again next time you get on chat. Anyways, we maxed about 15, and many owners didn’t show up to such an important event, and this is not to ever happen again. We tried. Read on for pictures from the event.


Nacho Leader

4 Responses

  1. I appreciate all of our efforts. Do not be disheartened, just try to recruit as many as possible. Well done Ryan as well as Jammi, I think you lead very well.

  2. Failure cannot be avoided. we all screw up sometimes i guess. There was a whole host of problems for us and we couldn’t focus, but we shall try next time!

  3. Sadly, I couldn’t come to it. I was away from my laptop so I couldn’t come to events for the last 3 days. Sorry for not coming to it, I really wanted to but I couldn’t.

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