It is a sad day.

Well it is a sad day. This is the day that some eejit called Hazie got promoted to UK Leader. I am not very good at posts since I don’t censor my brain so my thoughts just flow onto my keyboard. So, now I am more higher up in the army and now that I am I cannot fuck up anymore. I will still be a stupid & clumsy Hazie. If the army falls my last words will be “My bad”.

On a more serious note I would thank  Conno and all of the army. I sincerely (see I spelled it correctly….) hope we can achieve greater heights. I will try my very best to be there for the army. So, that’s it short and sweet much like myself 😀

LONG MAY SHE REIGN. (Probably won’t last long)

(I am not Cersei don’t worry peeps and not Daenerys either I am not gonna kill you all with dragons…)

I don’t wanna mention goals and stuff because they are the same as they always have been.


Let’s crush some armies!




3 Responses

  1. I was worried that you had retired from the title 😛 Congrats Hazie ❤

  2. Well Done Faggot

  3. Hello Hazie, I think you will be a very good leader and LOL. Thanks so much for the army 😘 Maisie4423

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