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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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To the leaders

Ryan Edit: While I am sure that you have some points, there are several things that I must contradict you on. ACP didn’t exactly help us in the war, they joined at the very end after we had fought RPF for weeks and were basically in a completely separate war. Teutons and Doritos are too big and even if they were caught multilogging, they wouldn’t stop the war, and ignoring their invasions won’t work. I forgot to mention in my post that we logged onto Blizzard the other day and Edwin had been hanging out on cp. I told him that he owes me some help still and I asked him to help, and he logged off CP. But the truth behind this war is that we need hype and if we don’t get hype, we will die, as troops are quitting. 30 minutes a week at the Champions Cup won’t cut it. And you said weekend army? Hell no. We’d die out within a few weeks if we did that. Sorry but I don’t exactly feel that we would be losing a valuable ally in ACP, and it is pretty late to change our minds. Although if Hazie and Conno change their minds, I will listen. But I do feel that it would be dumb to cancel the war.

I know you guys think that war with ACP is the right thing to do, but it isn’t. You think that war with ACP will help our morale and bring some life back into this army, and maybe it will do those things. But it will come with a cost as well. We will lose all respectability as an army. An army that stabs in the back the army that saved its ass two months ago? We will be seen as a joke by everyone else in this community. Our brother allies AR will condemn us, while armies like RPF will laugh at what they perceive as weak irrelevant armies going to war with each other. Yes, ACP were wrong to raid the CPA finals against RPF, but that’s not a good enough reason to break our alliance with them. The fact is, we don’t have any real pretext for going to war with ACP.

War with ACP is selfish. We owe ACP for helping us in the war with RPF. We should be helping them, not going to war with them. I feel like you guys have forgotten what happened this summer. ACP are our allies. We happen to have declared war on them at a time when they are not doing so well, and many of their owners are on leave. We can’t just act like we can do whatever we want to benefit our own army. There are consequences to our actions.

War with ACP is diplomatic suicide. It will isolate us. We will have no allies. Our brother allies AR will probably sever their ties with us when they see how we treat our allies. And at the same time, we’re still enemies with RPF. This war will destroy any chance we have of ever beating RPF in war. We won’t be able to go to war with RPF without having allies that we can count on. Isolating ourselves wouldn’t be so bad if we were big, but let’s face it we’re pretty small right now. How is it going to look as a small army that has no allies? And don’t think that war with ACP will magically make us rise. Yes it will generate some hype, but it won’t be enough to make us rise.

Having to go to war with a relatively weak army like ACP is basically admitting how far down we’ve come. It’s saying that we have no hope of being once again a world power, which is why we have to pick on weak armies. The right thing to do is not to settle for a war with a weak army, but to get stronger and go to war with a stronger army like RPF.  War with ACP is like admitting that we have no future.

It might not appear this way, but we have a lot in common with ACP. The Nachos and ACP are two of the five legendary armies. The other three are RPF, UMA, and IW. The Nachos and ACP are the only two armies in this community who have never died in the 9+ years they’ve each been around. We are both continuous generations. RPF has been around for 9 years as well, but they have died many times, and cannot be considered a continuous generation. The Nachos and ACP rarely hire owners.

If you guys are so hungry for war and care so little about the Champions Cup, then go to war with some other army. Why does it have to be ACP? Go to war with DCP or the Teutons. You can say you’re going to war with them because they multilog and get credit for it on the CPAC Top Ten. You can even create an alliance against either of those armies to rid this community of multilogging. You guys might think we have no chance of beating an army like DCP. I’ll admit, a war with DCP would be very risky. But that’s exactly what would make it so exciting. What would be so exciting about a war with ACP, a war that will probably end with a treaty that restores the servers back to the way they were before the war? If we lose a battle to DCP, you can just say that it’s invalid because they multilog, which they do. As for the Teutons, Brigade has been known to try to chat recruit our troops. We have a pretext for war with the Teutons, and we can easily handle them. I understand that you guys are bored, and that this army needs some excitement. But war with ACP isn’t the right way to go about doing this. As I said before, it’s just selfish.

There’s always the option of not having a war at all. Why do we need a war when we have the Champions Cup? We can become a weekend army if necessary. Don’t have any events over the week, but make sure everyone comes to the Champions Cup tournament battle on Saturday. None of you guys seem to care about the Champions Cup. Let me remind you guys that we won the CC last year and it would be great if we could win it again this year. It would make your leadership look very good if you won the CC. Better than having a petty war with ACP that will end with a treaty restoring servers back to the way they were before. RPF is the only other army that seems to be putting any effort into the CC. It shouldn’t be difficult to make it to the finals. And when we do make it to the finals, we can work it out then. I already have my own plans for how we can win the finals.

So what is the next course of action? Call off the war. Make an apology to ACP and assure them that we are still allies. Maybe even help ACP at some of their events as a show of good will. Hazie and Conno, you guys can’t just go along with everything Ryan tells you to do. I’ve said what needs to be said. It’s up to you guys to do the right thing.

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