Statement Regarding Our Fall

It has come to my attention that both us and ACP have plummeted into the SMAC top ten this week, which of course isn’t good at all. The entire community has hit their lowest point ever, and we have to work hard and harder to climb up to the top. Several owners have been slacking off and not logging on to events, and that is not acceptable. I will state that replacements are being discussed and you need to act like you deserve your rank, or owners/mods will be replaced.

Every army has suffered greatly this week. ACP has also fallen into SMAC, and the top army only had 57 points on the top ten, which we get near that amount of points on the top ten each week besides this week. I mean- we have been great the last few weeks and now we had one bad week. The war with ACP is for hype, and we need to improve to rise back up again. We declared war on ACP because it will wake us up and make us stronger, and let’s try our best to do that.

The way the current top ten formula works is that the event quality category is based on the amount of army vs army battles in the week you had, which every army had but us, so we didn’t get points from that category. Guys, I will say again that we were doing great and we just had one bad week. Let’s get stronger and defeat ACP this week!


Nacho Leader

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