Lessons from today

As you know, the Champions Cup Quarter Finals didn’t go as well as we would have liked. After CPAC announced that the Golds had won, we all immediately started accusing CPAC of bias. But this doesn’t make any sense, as Lorenzo, a Golds legend, voted for us. Instead of blaming CPAC for being “biased,” maybe we should consider our own performance. The fact is, we could have done better. If our tactics had been better and if more of you had come to this event, we would have won. Just because we’re the reigning champions doesn’t mean we’re entitled to a victory. If you want us to win, you have to earn it. That means you have to remain focused throughout the event. And for those of you didn’t come or who were afk, please try to come next time.

One Response

  1. This might have been correct if we were worse than Golds but we were not. Our tactics were much faster and our size was bigger. Also, just because a Golds legend voted for us doesn’t mean that the entire thing wasn’t biased. It was one person who wasn’t biased (probably because if they all voted for Golds, then it would look extremely bias and they wanted to look unbiased) but all of the others were.

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