Disappointing Quarter Finals Results

 Greetings Soldiers,

We logged onto Club Penguin to face the Golds in the Champions Cup today and we maxed 20 on Club Penguin, doing pretty well, although we had 32 on chat. We logged on at :30 for a :45 battle to have 15 mins to warm up on Club Penguin, and CPAC moved the battle to :40 without telling us. Tactics were pretty good and we successfully sat on Golds line completely in the stadium, showing off our bigger size. Although even Lorenzo, stated that we had better size throughout the battle and voted for us to win, the judging panel was made up of people who had all held high ranks in Golds before and voted that Golds were the winners. Sammie has since changed her vote, so we will see what happens. Good job to Golds, although I really do feel that we won. Read on for pictures from the battle.

Comment if you came!


Nacho Leader


8 Responses

  1. In our battle against WV at Legends Cup they did a rematch because the judges made a mess at announcing the rooms, and today something similar happened. Why can’t we have a rematch too?

    P.S.: Sorry for not attending the battle, I really tried to, but I couldn’t. I felt bad for that

  2. i came


  4. Has anyone realized that This Tournament Is Rigged. First With Sammie’s Xfactor and now a Biased Nachos vs Golds Battle.

  5. Ill make a rap song about this to see if it will bring more attention to do a rematch

  6. I came, but in the middle of the battle my connection to the enternet fell:(.
    i couldn’t continue in the battle:(, because the connection was still fell:(.
    It was sad for me that we lost:(

  7. I came to it! I still think that the results are just a joke.

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