Champions Cup Semifinals Results

Greetings Soldiers,

Before I begin, I want to state that it is all my fault. I froze under pressure and was slow at tactics, and when it was time for results, I was stupid and forgot about the chance of overtime, ordering to log off. Our smaller size in overtime lost us the battle. But I will say that our troops were AWESOME and we did great, our best event in months. I am proud of our performance today, even if we didn’t come out of it for a victory. Considering the fact that we only found out we were battling yesterday, our troops put on a spectacular performance. Let’s do this good everyday. RPF, congratulations on winning, both armies did excellent. We maxed 25 on Club Penguin, read on for pictures from the event.

Comment if you came!


Nacho Leader

6 Responses

  1. I came to it!

  2. i came:)

  3. I came. Losing a tournament battle is sad, but we fought with dignity. There was no bias. We just could have done better. Anyway, we were told about the battle one day before it, while rpf had a whole week to prepare. We were better in the overtime btw, but our size dropped out and it made us lose.

  4. I came ❤ good jod nachos we may not have won, but we tried our best.

  5. are we in the finals

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