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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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November 2016 Promotions

Greetings Soldiers,

It is that time once again, promotions and demotions are out, and soldiers in the army will be holding new ranks. As the leader of this army alongside Conno, it feels good to see youth rise through the ranks and feel more power with their new position. New soldiers are the heart of the army, the future of the army, and I hope to see the owners and moderators (several still need to be trained how to recruit, and I will be doing that soon) recruit. Now for the moment you all have been waiting for… Read on for the results of the promotions/demotions.

Green: Promoted! Keep it up!

Blue: Close to promotion. Be a little more active!

Orange: You are really active, but cannot be promoted due to your rank. Keep it up!

Black: Non-mover. Try to be more active if you want to be promoted!

Purple: Close to demotion! Be more active!

Red: Demoted. Please start being active.

Olive: Retired.

Maroon Strikethtough: Removed from Ranks. Be active again and you will be added back!


Leader: Conno11, 

 Field Marshal:  Legofan Cy, Blueysib6[Ohcan1234], Cookky2

 General: Fabgirl12346, Guitar48300Snickers


moderator 1.0 Lieutenant General: 95 Spider

moderator 1.0 Grand General: SpiritzeeArureadindis, Thomas83514, Apple6683

moderator 1.0 Head General: Casillas2159, Summit

moderator 1.0 Major General: Maisie4423

moderator 1.0 Brigadier General:  Bosss3, Centaur 17, The Nacho10Leila[Nylam123], Pakusch112


Colonel: Robsdan, Darkman5*, DatdudebpCoolboy109IronSkelly, Prettygirl166Montlesss, Spiritriver, Epickitty271

 Major:  J0006*, Lolo1310*, Tobuscus3849*, Bubblycomedy, Blueychaz

Lieutenant: Deviousdev1*, Play58623*, Silva[P183610498]*, Cooltj4,Slinkykid, Pepe4358

Sergeant: Toyabear,   M I S T*, P Aul, Foosa5*, Justiejulie*, Ottosunfun*, Richtofen01

Staff Sergeant: Clubroyalty*, Itsgold*, Mycome*, Plungerita*, MaxTax, Squishy Lord*, Thegamercat, Zoroark1089*, Espiãoo1Saucey Eggs*, Luther H2o, Night Owl

Corporal:  Matthew4865, Joeymnbvcxza, Hokcopper123

Private First Class: Firechef663, Menameisno, Idleblue1

Private: Amogh0b

Enlist: Vicky8546*, Animesh2005, Tahoor, Lunikitty943, kittieoflife, Fluffycub, yelle24, Mayu S5 90, Garfield Tan, Peggysniffs, Jihan1234*, AMSASH123, Jo Ko, Ginunia, Co0lguy3664, MaxTax, Tiger_lily, Koko1230, Doctor Luke, Justanormo*, 1 L0ve Fat, Max Conner*, Mitrev*, Spher*, Unipenguin25*, Zacdenby477*, Mugio, EnemyOVilain, FinnDiamonds, Bashan1234, Ivanc04, OrphanPixel, Gibberish613, Alyssab1245, Emma Rachel9, Bruna Nqm, Cheeto91602, Chocolatasup, Emopenguined, Nicepenguin1, XXMLGJERRYXX, Totfan 70,  Mrsburkley, Jebbna, SwirlyCottn, zeldagamer12, WaltDinosaur, Teamcool1, scott6849, kooldude123, Charizardch, jhonnyboi44, 0oRiptideo0, Lollala6, Bia Lilica2, Wissan, Erxig, Soka11233, Evan2119, Bjwaddles04, Arctic1001, cashlife04, Love Dose 3, Epickitty271, Madison77780*, Tony10151, nacho taco, Arlo125, Atshadow, Sansrulz, Scooter 3092, Goblin Jack, Blairbear64, Spacemonkey5, Crashlb8, Manaia47, Krox75, Bashan1234, Spot141pet, Fredross, Tundrasplash, Snoopysquid, Buddybogp, Evan317, Swimmer130, Chloe4310, Lolwaffles65, Turbo8999, Aggang, Pen4you, Ariana 455, John526, Xray26, Artic1001, Platinumpig, Hd Tv 1, Chestercat01, Karma5[P216938455], Risk, Jem The Epf, Jefff2007, Edu14463, Greatoz05*, J J S*, Sara78520*, Sceptile94*, Alexfish10*, Sushi22337*, Archangel25*, Snowyelf094*, Skycraft55*, Ccd31, Kyleabbie139, Marruth10, Gumstix, Aryannaburch2213, Skipper294, Galaappel, Magichloe13, Motomba, Mort 5467, Mangoyumpop, Sparkymc1, Tom405, Sharpei16, Rolorainbow, Adept4, Minion Heart, Vivian4053, Shayte59568, Spider Girl5, Abn0rmal

Congratulations to those who got promoted, and if you didn’t get a promotion or were demoted, do not worry; just be active, follow the rules, and attend events, and you will be promoted quickly. Thank you Lego for working on the promotions aswell before Conno and I did the rest. Let’s continue doing great and becoming stronger.


Nacho Leader

12 Responses

  1. Congratz to all who were promoted! Others… work harder to receive a promo next month!

  2. Oh man we lost a lot this month…

  3. Thank you for copying my post, doing minimal changes and getting all the credit.

  4. im a mod now!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeek!!!!!!!!!

  5. earned my mod back gg

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