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The Nacho Talk: Guitar48300

Hello Nachos,

Welcome to the New Post Series called The Nacho Talk! No, it’s not an open live forum; it’s basically a post that will be published about twice per month, and it will include an Interview with one Nacho at a time. Continue reading please!

On this first issue of TMT, we have a long but LONG time Nacho, Guitar48300! This guy has been in the Army since 2009, and he doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. Who really is this guy though?

★The Interview★

Lego: Hello Guitar!

Guitar: Hello.

Lego: As you may probably know, you are the person who has the most time as an active Nacho, having over 75 months of activity within the Army. How does it feel to be that guy?

Guitar: It feels good to have allowed myself to see the many years the Nachos have been through. I’ve made many friends and countless memories that I’ve cherished, like our wars with huge armies where we had huge sizes.

Lego: You have obviously seen many leaders get crowned or retiring. Who is your personal favourite?

Guitar: I’ve seen so many great leaders in this army it’s hard to pick one, especially because most of them are friends of mine, but if I have to pick one, as far as the leadership goes and being a good friend, of mine, Puckley has to have been my favourite.

Lego: What do you think could improve this army?

Guitar: I don’t know if it’s possible, but I wish Nachos and cp armies in general had a better way of recruiting. Club Penguin has censored many of our word tactics and our army names,  because of our autotypers and bot recruiting, My penguin Guitar48300 got banned once for saying “Go Nachos!” while recruiting on Blizzard. Thankfully, it was a temporary ban, but still. If we could get our phrases uncensored and find some other way to recruit would be great.

Lego: I know you love playing the guitar. but why “48300”?

Guitar: When I made my cp account in June 2006, I typed “Guitar”, then just closed my eyes and typed random numbers because I knew Guitar by itself must had been taken.

Lego: Why have you stuck with us all this time and not joined a single other army? What made you gain this great passion for the Nacho Army?

Guitar: I refused to join any army that was enemy of the Nachos because I didn’t want to feel like a traitor to my friends. The ones who were allies with the Nacho Army I didn’t feel like joining because I never had enough time to be in more than one army, plus if the army because an enemy one day I didn’t want to make friends in two armies, and had to betray one. On a side note, I did really join small armies back when everyone tried to make their own army.

Lego: One last question for you. When are you planning(if you ever will) to retire from the Nachos?

Guitar: It all depends to the circumstances really, like if I get too busy, if you guys hate me, if the army shuts down. But either way, as long as I have friends here, I will always come back sooner or later after my retirement.

As you can see, Guitar is very loyal to the Nachos since 2009. Tar will deny any offer who will affect the Nachos negatively. This is the altitude I want everyone of you to have, because the Nachos are holy.

That wraps it up for now, people. Stay tuned; many more coming up soon!


Lego’s Fact of the day: Did you know that Guitar was the person who recruited me to the Nachos? Here’s the post https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/at-least-we-tried-91214/!


Legofan Cy~Nachos official Social Media guy

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  1. Nice job Lego!

  2. I totally did not read this but hi

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