US Defense of Breeze Results [12/21/16]

Greetings Soldiers,

We logged onto Breeze today to help ACP defend their capital against the Rebel Penguin Federation, and did so successfully. This will be a long war soldiers, but we are ready to take it to these evil bullies that roam this community. May the end of the Rebel Penguin Federation begin. Our forces (with more soldiers logging on later in the battle such as Nacho Legend Danny, although he was in an ACP uniform and not in our Nacho only size pic) maxed 13 on Club Penguin. Good job today soldiers, but I want to start getting 15-20+ at US times. Read on for pictures from the battle.



5 Responses

  1. We smashed you up with all of my comp strength and we so, so, SO, ran you into the ground in the name of Club Penguin Breeze and my Lord God Pain.

  2. I came to it!

  3. Great job Nachos! :mrgreen:

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