Don’t Shoot Your Mouth Off Pain

Pain has decided to begin the roast war with me under attack from the guy who thinks that he is the “Lord” and that he is the supreme ruler of humanity (Yea, I am not kidding, this guy is mentally insane). And he also claims that I envy his greatness and all that he has accomplished.  The Nacho Army hasn’t been treated in the wrong by the Army of Club Penguin, although we have been by the pathetic Rebel Penguin Federation led by a guy who thinks he is the Lord of Club Penguin Armies, and a guy who feels that troops should be treated like ignorant pests. We are one of the largest forces in the community, a force that has been looked upon as one of the powerful in the last few months that has remained peaceful until this time. I will not allow some wacko guy to bully our allies, nor some army that had to bring back all of their legends to max 20-30+.

Lord Pain likes to feel that there is an aura around him that will protect him from anything that will happen. He is seen as a joke in the community and his lack of maturity should be on display at a museum of the worlds biggest crackpots. And he says that we better back out of the war for our own health? He will be running with his petty troops by the end of this war, while allied forces will roam your servers and free your troops from your manipulative methods. Your stench is about to be destroyed by our forces RPF, welcome to war.


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