The Re-Establishment of The Nachonnian Empire

Today marked a great day in the history of this army. ( ( ( he ) ) ) was fired and Cowboydan returned to take his rightful place as Commander of Nachos. Many of you may be unsettled by this because you feel a sense of uncertainty about the future of this army, but I’m here to reassure you, we will be just fine. We will be bringing in new measures in order to make this army better, and continue our quest for greatness!

Creating A Stable Future

Owners will be trained to take over the army once the current leaders retire in order to make sure that this army continues to be consistent and stable. Owners will take turns leading training sessions by themselves and will be taught how to become consistent leaders. This will make sure the army has a bright future and will continue to become better and better!

Creating A Head of Veteran Affairs

One owner will be given the job of Secretary of Veteran Affairs, their job will be to manage relations between the troops and the veterans. They will have to sort disputes between them and make sure both parties have an enjoyable time in the army. This will sort out any bullying towards troops by veterans and any abuse towards veterans.

More Recruiting

Owners will be required to autotype and will use a program that allows them to recruit and use xat at the same time, so they can also welcome recruits! This will bring more new people into the army and keep it alive for years to come.

Reclaiming Our Glorious Empire

Instead of being a pacifist army, we’ll try to make this community more exciting and partake in more wars and battles. This will vastly increase the servers in our empire and we’ll reclaim the dominance we once had.

Bringing Back Beeky-Era Tactics

We will try to emulate the quick fire and fun tactics of Beeky’s era. We’ll aim to have super quck tactics, and even create new ones on the way! This will make battles more fun and make us a more fun army.

Pact of Steel

We will create a Pact of Steel with another army and try to emulate the relationship we once had with Army Republic. This will make us bigger and make us stronger in war.

Chancellor’s Address

Every week I’ll make an address to the Nacho army, to recap the week, update everybody of the new changes we’re going to be making and some other fun stuff!

Reducing Moderators

We have too many Moderators on chat, so we’re only allowing one leader per allied army to be Moderator.

We are doing all this to make our army better and make us stronger, but to achieve all our goals we need YOUR support. This is the best army alive and we’re going to keep making it better and better.




~Cowboydan101 and Verum

2 Responses

  1. Sounds great!

    Long live the Nachos

  2. are we still at war?

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