The Aim of This Week

Greetings Nachos,

The Event Schedule has now been updated with the events for the rest of the week. Every week we make the event schedule it is going to have a purpose in order to improve the army. This week’s purpose is to bring in more recruits and brush up on our tactics. There will be a Recruiting Session and a Special Tactics Operation everyday, the purpose of this is for the Recruiting Session to bring more recruits into the army and the Special Tactics Operation to train the troops how to do quick-fire awesome tactics and bombs and how to make good formations quickly. Then we will have a battle on Saturday in order to test how ready for war we are. We will be spending this week recruiting and training in order to be ready for war.

This week will be a rebuilding week and everyone needs to be as active as possible. Cookky, Fluffy, Legofan, Fabgirl and Bluey  are consistently active and doing a good job. Our Moderators are pretty active and working hard as well. Snickers, you need to start getting way more active, you’re hardly online and when you are, you’re only online for like an hour.


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