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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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The Nacho Awards 2016

Note: I am looking for someone to do the GFX. If you’re interested, please contact me on chat.

Hola my fellow Nachos!

As December is almost over, we are getting ready for a new year, full of goals and expectations. However, we’ve had a great year, and there is still one thing to do, the Nacho Awards! Continue reading to vote!

The year 2016 was long. We had our ups and downs tons of times during these 12 months. We got defeated by the RPF, lost in battles that weren’t meant to be lost, and many more. Despite all these disappointments, we’ve had some great runs in tournaments like March Madness, which we won, achieved amazing things like being the number 1 army in the whole community, as well as hosting our own Tournament, the Fjord Frenzy IV! This post will remind all of you all of the great memories we had this year; legendary battles, major shake ups, unbelievable upsets and surprises. At the end of this post, the chapter of 2016 will close, and a new one will hopefully begin. Let’s make 2017 an even greater year; together, Nachos; united.

Please vote below!!

Leader of the Year

The best leader is not just someone who was there, or got the most hype, or had his or her army at the top, but was someone who exemplified the trait of leader, and maintained their army. They are the definition of charisma, character, and integrity, and they inspired their troops from the beginning until the very end. So while this is certainly a popularity contest and you may very well just vote for your own leader, put thought into the leadership of that person.


Owner of the Year

Second in commands and third in commands are a big part of an army. To be a good 2ic/3ic, you must be able to lead and post like a normal leader does. You should be able to take command when a leader is away and lead when a leader is AFK or talking to the other army. But, who is the best at that?


Moderator of the Year

A Moderator’s task is in most case simple. They have to welcome new recruits, minor hype battles and try to recruit if they can. We have many great mods, but who will be crowned the best?


Member of the Year

The main part of an Army is the Members. Every army depends on them. All they have to do is attend events and be active. We got tons of Members, so this is going to be a tough competition.


Funniest Nacho of the Year

The Funniest Nacho is the guy who always makes you laugh and cheer you up. Who’s the funniest?


Most Likely to become a Leader

There are quite a few promising Nachos in the army right now, who are looking to be getting Leader soon. Who would you bet on?


Noobiest Nacho of the Year

The noobiest Nacho is the most annoying person you’ve met in the Nacho army. They always PC you, talk about random stuff or even have very horrible grammar. This person is the equivalent to the person you most hate.


Nacho of the Year

The Nacho of the Year is the most important award of all. The Nacho who will be awarded with this will carry the glory through all their career, and they will be proud of it. Their respect and love from everyone will be great. But, who should really deserve to earn this?


Female Soldier of the Year

We all love Women. There are a few girls in this Army, and they are all amazing, funny and loyal. Who do you think is the best of all?


Battle of the Year

Every army has had tens of battles. They do it for fun, maybe for a Tournament advance, or maybe for territory, during a war. We’ve had many battles with many armies, but which do you believe was the most amazing, thrilling and glorious battle?


War of the Year

Wars are vital elements in CP Armies. Without them, there’s no point in CPA. We’ve had many wars this year, but who do you think was the biggest, strongest, and cooler of all?


Retirement of the Year

Many People have retired from the Nacho Army over the past year. You will decide which was the biggest retirement and who affected our army the most!


Quote of the Year

Quotes are phrases-slogans tat are said by someone. Famous quotes are “Fight the good Fight” of RPF, and “Clover Power” of ACP. The Nachos have many too such as “May the salsa be with you” or “Mess with the best, die like the rest.”. Who do you think is the coolest?

Well, this award is up to you to decide! Leave a comment with which you believe should be the quote of the year, and by who it’s made! 😛


Most Perverted Nacho of the Year

The award for inappropriateness. This represents the person who always says inappropriate stuff and has a sexual behavior. There are some perverts like


Good luck tο everybody that was nominated. If you were not nominated this year, there is always next year(hopefully..)! Especially to our new recruits, you probably didn’t find yourself in any nominations due to your recent arrival, but don’t worry, you’ll definitely be in there by the end of next year! Remember, yοu can be the one to make the next big impact.

The results will be announced on Sunday, 8th January 2017.


Lego’s Fact of the day: Did you know that since 2006, there have been four websites representing the Nacho Army before Person1233 created the site you are viewing right now in 2009, and over 5 chats before Puckley created our current one?


Happy New Year, Nachos!
Legofan Cy~Nachos historical Masterpiece

16 Responses

  1. I think the best quote is: ” The promotions are coming soon, but demotions are coming too. So I don’t care what’chu’gonna do, attend events for your own good.” By Legofan Cy-July 31st 2016.

  2. Quote of the year is “Hillary will win the election, I’m sure” ~Ryan

  3. I’m on here that’s hot

  4. I’ll do the graphics if i get paid

  5. nice job 🙂

  6. Thanks for puting me in there lol

  7. “We hype” – Camper

  8. “Autists.. Autists everywhere” ~Centaur17 13:57pm 31.12.2016

  9. the meme as well so you can keep it on your wall

  10. put me for best moderator cunts


  12. wow….kind of cant believe i m here….it was a weird year for me…as i had to leave…but anyways i m back…so thanks soo much for putting me here!best of luck to everyone…as i know i have no chances of winning..lol. and pls add me back in the ranks..!

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