The Retirement of Fluffy9404


For those who don’t know me, my name’s Fluffy 9404. I wasn’t planning on making this post anytime soon, but as you all know, Club Penguin is shutting down. I decided my retirement post would be best used as a way to tell my story. I’ll try to be brief.

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The Nacho Awards 2016

Note: I am looking for someone to do the GFX. If you’re interested, please contact me on chat.

Hola my fellow Nachos!

As December is almost over, we are getting ready for a new year, full of goals and expectations. However, we’ve had a great year, and there is still one thing to do, the Nacho Awards! Continue reading to vote!

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NOTM #4[Nacho of the Month]

Hello Nachos! Last month was a great success, seeing us rising back to our former sizes, getting into the top spot of  the CPAC top ten, making it till the Champions Cup Semi Finals and many more! But this can’t happen just like that. There were some people who worked really hard behind the whole project, and I really feel that those people should be awarded for their passion and loyalty.

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The Nacho Halloween Costume Contest!

To all troops, to enter this competition all you need  is to be on our ranks. Add your best Nacho Halloween costume as a comment, and I’ll add them to the post.The one I consider to be the best will win my 20 Xats (if my fellow owners wanna boost that up a bit, go ahead).


You have until Sunday Oct 30 to enter(the day before Halloween)!

Good Luck 😉

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Slushy Sled Racing Olympics 2016[SIGN UPS]

*postponed until further notice*

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