About Nacho Awards

Hola Nachos! I know you’ve all been waiting for the Awards results, but I have bad news. Well, my parents took away my laptop an tablet so that I can study for my GCE Maths exams on this Tuesday. So in result, results will be out on the 10th. Voting ends then!


Vote now!

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  1. I am voting for Camperjohn64. Camperjohn64 is the first Syrian refugee to ever lead an army, and he has accomplished many accomplishments. He has lead the Nachos and other armies, the list could really go on. For someone on the spectrum, he has really defied all odds and done something only about two thirds of all autistic people have the capability of doing. I once was feeling really upset about something and then Camperjohn64 demonstrated how much worse my life could be and I instantly felt better. Camper goes above and beyond because unlike other leaders who have the maturity of an 8 year old, Camper also has achieved the intellect of an 8 year old, an ability that allows him to talk to his troops on a peer to peer basis.

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