89th Nacho Leader

Hola Nachos

I am really happy to talk to you for the first time as a Leader. After being here since July, I can say I’m realizing a dream: lead the best and biggest army on Club Penguin. I’d like to thank everyone who supported this decision. I promise I will try my best to keep this army rising and maintaining the mark of the strongest in this community. You can expect the best hard working from me. I hope we all, from Leaders to Members, will make an excellent job.


Cookky, Nachos Leader




3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Cooky, help us make this next 2 months the best yet!

  2. Congrats! Good luck and stay cheesy!

  3. Cookky Old bud. Look on the veterans page I mentioned you.

    I hope you can make it a retirement post. I didnt realise or see that you were leader I just reacted straight away

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