Attention Nachos Everywhere

CLub Penguin has announced it’s closure, the community is coming to an end. I’m pretty sure everyone feels sadness, we had plans for this army. We could have made it great again, we could have done so much. This was our childhood, friendships were forged and bonds were tied. It’s time for one last shot, one last ride, one last time to fuck shit up. We’re Nachos, we’re the greatest and we’re going to end the best. I’m calling every Nacho Veteran and every former leader, that means Puckley, Ads, Person, Tanman, Shiver every former Nacho including people like Centaur to join together for one last ride. This is the end, but we won’t go out in the darkness, we won’t go out without a spark that will be remembered forever. We’re going to hit 100+, we’re going to reach a golden age, the last one in armies. We’ll win March Madness, we’ll do everything to win and I mean everything. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, this is the end of our childhood, the legacy we spent 10 years building and the legacy that wrill be remembered in our hearts FOREVER. We spent too long building this and we spent too long working so hard to die maxing 37. Everyone needs to work harder than ever before, every golden age leader, every person who has ever loved this army. I had the treasure of leading this army, I couldn’t build a legacy and that’s my own fault for hopping, but trust me I’ll do what I can. I love this army more than anything.



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  1. Let’s make these last few months the best!

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