Blast From the Nacho Past: Nacho Comics

Hola nachos! After my retirement in 2014, I remained in contact with many of the Nacho troops and leaders. At some point, I was asked to draw some “comic strips” for the army regarding events occurring in the army at the time (I believe it was Von who asked me, if any of you remember him.) I had done these and some other random pieces for the nachos up until late 2015, but I don’t believe they were ever uploaded. While I’m still looking for the comic strips, I did find some out of context fan art of some of the leaders that you guys might enjoy. Click “Read More” if you’d like to see!

(General Disclaimer: I have improved a whole lot since 2015)

General Nacho Doodles: I’m not sure how these came about honestly, But I do know the line “Fiddle Me” came from Weazel and “gey” was probably one of DJ Dan’s most used words. There’s also a PR troop and Shiver with a Hitler mustache. No idea why there’s a flower there, but it’s there too. Not sure when I drew these either, there’s no date on it 😦

No Idea.jpg

Chrisi Blule: I’m gonna assume he asked for this at some point, probably through the old Nacho Group Kik we had. From February, 15th, 2015Chrisi.jpg

Puck smoking a Lemon: If you didn’t already know, there’s some kind of massive inside joke about Puckley and Lemons that spans back even before my time. But that’s where this one came from. Plus, who wouldn’t want to smoke a lemon? And also Cinco De Mayo had something to do with it I guess. There’s no date on it, but I can only assume it came from some point after Cinco De Mayo in 2015.


And that’s all I could dig up for now! I plan to find those comics before the army closes, hope you enjoyed!

It was a business doing pleasure with you today and always Nachos 

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner


3 Responses

  1. Purple pride server wide

  2. Yes! It’s back!

  3. lol I love these!

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