Gettin’ Wild On Half Pipe

Hola Nachos! Pony Eee here (also known as “Till Wurner” by many of the newer troops around here. And by “new” I mean people who joined here in 2015 and onwards.) and I’m here to report on our INSANELY AMAZING INVASION OF HALF PIPE!!!!!!!!!!


That’s right-those cowards over at RPF ignored us yet again and it only took ONE PENGUIN to win an entire server. And that’s pretty sad. You could at least try RPF, since you like to boast about how big and wonderful you are but you won’t even defend your own servers. And you missed a pretty nice hot and spicy nacho orgy, but hey, its your loss. Both server-wise and opportunity-wise.  The nacho flag now flies over the lands of Half Pipe! Also, SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to Mutee and GraffitiDust for coming to this invasion as well. You guys are great and you made the orgy super sexy *thumbs up.*

Some Spicy Pics:



 It was a business doing pleasure with you today and always Nachos ♥ 

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Retired 2ic

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