ill mind of verum 02

the guy who seems to hop onto the bandwagon once RPF is doing well tryna insult a guy who’s been in the army through thick and thin.

No one is complimenting you, you’re a faggot and your army is trash. You only ever got big after “discovering autotyping” 6 years after Nachos found it. Then you try and claim we spammed invasions when the Nacho SS did, you’re obviously threatening the great Nacho SS and them boy’s play no games.

It hasn’t happened, show us the evidence man, we have fun we don’t give a fuck about maxing 50 so we can increase our ego over club penguin. It’s why we don’t have 20 year old’s who are unemployed and haven’t went to college leading our army. Honestly, your army is full of the rejects of society, you’ve got a 20-year-old lesbian, Lord Pain who tried to roll a joint on Tinychat, but ended up looking autistic asf, Jason the type of guy to hide his faith because he’s scared Elmikey will fire him and a bunch of other retards who can barely type.

ps ur bitch told me why she was missin ur calls she said ur dick so little that u pissed on ur balls



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