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ill mind of verum

so some kid called jason/junie wrote an essay and managed to start calling out grammer guess what this opening gonna make u wanna drink bleach xD!

I you wrote an essay about how we’re hypocrites and RPF is supreme, shit kinda reminded me of some Soviet style propaganda paying homage to King Jong Elm, but then again at least Kim Jong Un has a job, Elmikey is just living off benefits. Aren’t you from like some shit hole like Syria and you’re criticizing Pony’s grammar? Honestly, about to j bomb ur army quicker than the US bombed your country, faggot.

Oh man, he wrote a paragraph trying to define what sarcasm is, Jesus this guy needs A LIFE. Junie who’s been RPF 2ic for like two years and still isn’t leader is here trying to call someone stupid, honestly, man you’ve been stuck as 2ic because you’re Muslim, pretty sure Elm banished some AUSIA mod for being Muslim and goes on rants about how I’m affiliated with ISIS. You’re like a black man in 1950’s Alabama who’s been cucked so hard he’s started whitening his skin to try and be accepted.

We’re hypocrites? Didn’t you just write a paragraph about Pony’s grammar, you’re such a retard.

Mentioning how the dear leader Elmikey is just enjoying his last moments in the community huh? That’s why he said RPF’s moving to CPPS

Elmikey is a retard who watches Alex Jones, he’s the type of guy to browse r2k all day, also didn’t you just say grammar doesn’t matter it’s the internet. Damn, Saudis are retarded.

Then he does some more retarded responses and calls us “bad guys” because obviously I’m here ordering nukes to be dropped on kids all over America and I’m the reincarnation of Hitler.

No one cares about your rebellion, you were just ACP’s cucks, why do you feel the need to still brag about. Also nations was adopted by Iceyfeet, stop bullshitting.

Stop acting philosophical you’re just a faggot that thinks he’s cool because he knows English. Unless you start publishing a bunch of novels, then go suck my dick. Literally rape your army harder than your homeland was in WW1


Ya Boi Verum



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