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obligatory response because i get paid by the post

shitposter in chief at rpf challenges the great god of shitposting

fake news headline to grab attention

notice the exclamation points

guys its the CURRENT YEAR why are we still talking about things when its the CURRENT YEAR

there is no room for spineless and thin skinned people in our army

deflection of the statement by distancing your speech from the point that was made

this is akin to me taking a picture of verum’s name seperated from the other 3 leaders and saying “we only have one leader.”

don’t let the fake news fool you, as these people are all leaders in rpf and hold the exact same sway that elmikey does

it is true that you will be banned forever on rpf chat if you do not attend an event

it is also true that if you do not schedule at least one event for every day per leader in rpf that you will be removed from leadership and banned forever (from an anonymous source)

one slow week compared to one active week does not an argument make. you’re gonna fact check this due to a neurotic obsession to be right in every scenario, but i spent two minutes looking through old cpac top tens and saw rpf had more events than nachos in 6-7 posts i read

we have the best soldiers, don’t we folks?

we’re reaching cuckoldry levels that shouldn’t be possible!

you really do love that top ten, up until the point you score under somebody and then its time to put it to the torch

as it turns out, due to the nachos’ incredible masculinity and enormous girth,  that when we declared war on rpf they fled in terror to CPPS. it says a lot.

i take joy in making weak people leave the army. they can take shelter knowing that the mean men wont say the “EVIL” words to them on acp or rpf chat where each swear is rewarded with a permanent ban in light cases and public execution via ISIS in worse cases (from an anonymous source inside rpf leadership)

you are right, i have almost killed multiple armies in my day through words alone, and kevin+puck did a really good job with you guys, so you can bring up history from 8 years ago while i and kevin+dan made you quit rpf and shut down the army until elm stepped in last year (source)


let the record be clear that i found those videos on vimeo and that bad+lord pain are living in the same house through an unknown relationship (source: me)

being able to drink jack bought with my own money and then shitposting here and on chat really is fun. a shame you can’t do that yet; being 18 sucks dick, silv.


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