Salsa Melts Ice

Hola Nachos

We fought Legends Cup VIII Preliminary Round today. Our prebattle was on the Beach, where we got bot raided by some purple scum. Then CPAC announced the room and we quickly moved to the Pool. Even getting mass bot raided, we got 11+ at the room and outnumbered the Ice Warriors. The Penguin Army Force did not show up. We had about 10 lockouts. After fighting for 10 minutes, we were declared the winners. With this victory we advance to the Quarter-Finals. Next weekend we will fight the Army Republic, the army who we had a war last month and won. If you want another victory, make sure to come and recruit as much as you can during the week. Remember this all will be ended within a month, and we must finish our history with dignity.

MAX: 21+ (With lockouts)

Read on for more pics.


Cookky, Nachos Leader

6 Responses

  1. I was there!

  2. Good job nachos! I couldn’t make it but I’m proud of you all!

  3. Hello i’m John Cena.

  4. shiver me timbers

  5. I came!

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