Shocking Photograph Taken on Tuxedo

Today, a nacho troop snapped a mind blowing photo on the server Tuxedo while surveying the land…


The photo reveals that the leader of RPF, Elmikey, has been injecting young soldiers with an unknown drug.  One of our scientists in the lab on Fjord analyzed the syringe the troop brought back.

RPF drug.jpeg

The syringe (pictured above) was very sandy, so it was thought to have been found at the cove. It had traces of the following in and on it:

RPF drug chart.png

The unknown substance was also analyzed. They’ve dubbed this new substance Elmikium, and it was found to be very lethal if injected in large amounts.

The scientists at Fjord Labs tested the mixture of substances on lab mice. At first, they became super jacked. But then, most of them died, and the surviving ones developed a mental disorder near immediately.

Elmikey is endangering the lives of his troops by forcing them to inject this mixture of drugs and chemicals.

Effects from injecting this chemical mixture include: disgustingly huge muscle growth, development of autism at any age, and DEATH.

Also since Elmikey reuses the syringes and doesn’t sterilize them, HIV and AIDS is also being passed around.

Think about the children.

RPF. Not Even Once.

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