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rpf commits ritual suicide with a 2 inch butter knife after promoting known cuck to leadership


interview with jason/junie/jacob/the chosen cuck:

aka: Hey Jason, I hope you’re having a good day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the RPF flag is burning and Elmikey runs from the fight forcing you to take his position in his moment of weakness. How are you taking it right now, hard? Or very hard?

jason: It feels good after 3 years of dutiful service to elmikey that I can finally achieve the rank I should have received 6 months in, yet I never complained when I was passed over 23 times by the far more qualified who were later thrown out by silverburg and elmikey, but now I have my chance to really change things around here! Glad to be with you.


aka: So walk me through this judie, its a tough business out here, being what might be the last RPF leader in the last month of armies trying to recover from the mess elm has placed you in. Do you think you were made leader because I earlier in a different post called you a cuck for not becoming leader earlier, and thus elmikey felt pressured to make you leader to reward you in some way?

jason: Yeah, I think that has something to do with it. I have to thank you aka, because without you I really think I wouldn’t have made it this far.

aka: No problem man, anything to help you out. So whats next for RP-

jason: Unconditional surrender to the Nachonnian Empire.


aka: -muffled- jesus motherfucker let me finish
-clears throat- That was quick, you’re not even going to put up a fight?

jason: Nope.

aka: What happened to “Fight the good fight”, for the glory of elmikey and pain’s god complex? If Lord Pain supposedly lead the most powerful CP army of its time, then who is to blame now that you’ve lost your capital whilst putting up a defense of only 4 troops?

jason: Its just not sustainable anymore. With CP going down in a month, elm wants us to move to CPPS, but what happens if the admins just ban us for constantly autotyping in the town? If we start our own server, elm’s money is going to run out eventually and no one will come to an army server already dominated by an army. Its just not going to work.

aka: -to the crowd- You heard it here first, everyone. Cuck Supreme Josie everyone!


-claps everywhere-


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