Surrender the Good Surrender

Hola Nachos

Our troops logged onto rpf’s capital Tuxedo expecting a difficult battle, but when it started there were only 4 rpf troops on Town! They fastly ran away from the glorious Nachonnia. One of them stayed on though to watch the slaughter. We did amazing tactics and freed the server. Tuxedo is now annexed to our empire. Special forces are being sent to detoxify the city so it can be used by us without getting contaminated. Rpf is crumbling guys, we are very next to another victory in wars with those weird robots.

Note: We couldn’t take many pics since Lightshot wasn’t working, so I recorded the battle.

MAX: 17 Nachos 

Video of the battle:




Pics taken by Stone and Penguifriend


Cookky, Nachos Leader

3 Responses

  1. I attended. 😄

  2. I came to it!

  3. I came!

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