Surrender The Good Surrender – Part II

Salute Nachonnia

So rpf, after being smashed yesterday, tried to recover their capital (yea just tried). Our troops marched through our new server Tuxedo to succesfully defend it from the cringy rpf. Rumors say that elmikey was in the server but he immediately ran off when he saw Nachos soldiers decimating rpf again and told his troops to commit suicide. The first half of the battle took place at Boiler Room and the other one at Stadium. They surrendered when it ended. I’m proud of y’all guys, we made rpf surrender their capital again. They have 1 server left: Alaska, which will be invaded tomorrow. Read on for the pics!

MAX: 13 || AVERAGE: 11


Rpf surrendering



The Nachonnian Flag now stands  over Tuxedo

Cookky, Nachos Leader

2 Responses

  1. Great job nachos! Even though I couldn’t attend because of lacrosse, you all certainly did very well!

  2. the legacy of rpf is analogous to their troops: short-lived
    rest in peace all rpf troops suicide’d by elmikey

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