CPAC Legends Cup VIII: Semi Finals Times & Battle Information[VERY IMPORTANT]

—— 1 Day left ——



Mandatory to continue reading and get informed 


Nacho Army v Ice Warriors

>>> Legends Cup VIII ⇔ Semi Finals <<<

 When? Saturday, 11th March 2017

Where? Server: Klondike ||| Room: Snow Forts


8:30 PM GMT/UK

3:30 PM EST[Eastern American Time]

2:30 PM CST[Central American Time]

1:30 PM MST[Mountain American Time]

12:30 PM PST[Mountain American Time]

10:30 PM EEST[Eastern European Time]

11:30 PM MT[Moscow Time]

11:30 PM GST[Gulf Standard Time]

1:00 AM IST[Indian Standard Time]

|| Goal: 35+ Nachos ||


NOTE: Be on our chat at least 20 minutes EARLIER!  

>> <<



Many of the prizes will be given on chat after the battle, so stick around!

  • 50 xats Giveaway[If goal reached]
  • 100 Xats giveaway[If we win]
  • Temporary moderator rank on chat for a lucky member[If you attend this battle]
  • Temporary Owner rank on chat for a lucky Moderator[If we win this battle]
  • We will try for new site updates[If we win this battle]
  • I will do your mathematics homework-I am a top A* GCE Maths student[If we win this battle]
  • An event of your choice[If we win this battle]
  • We will get a huge trophy to case in our enormous trophy shelf![If we win the Tournament]
  • More Contests![Either we win or not]
  • I will release a big guidance post for the Finals[If we win this battle]

Note: You may only get a prize that is given for this battle if you attend it.


Hola Nachos. Thus far, we’ve won every battle in what seems to be our final tournament, the Legends Cup VIII. We are now one round away from the finals, and if we win, we will be in the footpath of the title. This Saturday, we will be facing the Ice Warriors, who we beat in the first round. This will be a really close battle; it’s predicted to be the most exciting of the whole tournament. We must win this, Nachos, in order to show people who we still are. Everyone must be there. Let’s do it!

An inspirational video made by Punklays!


Legofan Cy~Nachos..whatever

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  1. I’m coming!

  2. I’ll be there

  3. I will be there!

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