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Flen-Sammie Exposed


Before Sammie became CEO, DrFlen was banned from judging any battle that Light Troops were part of. Sammie decided to change this and allowed Flen to judge. I informed Sammie about Flen’s former alliances to LT as you can see above. Sammie then stated that Flen was never part of Light Troops, proving that Sammie has no fucking clue about who is allowed to judge and who is not.

This means that Sammie knowingly, because I told him, allowed a former Light Troops owner to judge the Light Troops, despite having a tie to them and announcing prior that he is Anti Nachos and Anti Zing.


Since Flen was judge, he knew the room before anyone else, he was giving it to LT. This was clear when the room was Inside the Mine. Flen told LT to go to the Mine Shack and wait there, then when the room was given, they’d have an easy path into the Mine. Sammie could have prevented this by keeping the ban on Flen, but chose not to in order to mess with me as CEO.




CPAC were announcing the room on chat, meaning that I needed to be on the chat in order to be able to see the room. As you can see above, Sammie got herself locked out of main chat, so decided to ban me – someone who NEEDED to be on the CPAC pool to get the room in order to get back in?

As you can see, this was complete bias towards Nachos and myself. We were doomed from the start, and Sammie stacked the deck against us right from the start.

This is the Second week in a row I’ve exposed CPAC. This is the second week in a row I’ve been proven right.

Zing King To

People’s Choice for CEO

6 Responses

  1. Flen is shit, since you are gone this skid is trying hard to get attention.

  2. Zing, what’s your email? I’d like to talk to you about something.

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