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A Business Doing Pleasure With You {Retirement Post}

Back in 2014 when I left the nachos, I never made a retirement post. I just left quietly, only a few people really knew I wasn’t coming back after I turned down taking a leadership spot. I thought I wasn’t ever coming back either. Until one day I decided to see if any of my old friends were still around. I created the penguin “Till Wurner” after discovering that my penguin “Pony Eee” had been purged for being inactive, and agreed to stop in every now and then to help out and add to the numbers. 

The very next week, Club Penguin announced it’s closure and my plans changed for the better.

Introductions aside, I’m going to start from the very beginning. One day in January of 2013, I was wandering around Club Penguin. I don’t really remember what I was doing, but I was there. I had recently returned to the game after taking a 2 year hiatus or so, ironically enough after Emily had mentioned something to me about the game during a lunch period and I thought to myself, “damn, I miss that game!” Anyway on that fateful January evening I stumbled across Dj Dan shouting about “joining the nachos on a chatbox” or something, and already knowing about xat from mascot trackers I got the idea and googled the Nachos. I originally hadn’t intended on staying very long, but I actually had a really good time and decided to join for good. (For a time frame, this was right around the time Wilson retired.)


One of my first ever events. I didn’t have the sombrero or enough common sense to realize I could just use the Mini Sombrero from the old Winter Fiesta Party. Speaking of not having common sense, I was also too dumb to buy the Sombrero from the Fiesta Catalog, but got the poncho for some reason. That predates my Nacho Noob Phase by many many years so I can’t really answer any questions on that one…

Puck Dan Pony Pyjamas Cool.png

A very early drawing I did of Pony and her “squad”-It had a lot of Instagram’s Club Penguin community in it along with some nachos (those Nachos being Puck, Cool”Can of Juice,” Pyjamas Jr., and Dj Dan. Oh and a Cat Tank.)

A few weeks later, I had dropped something about the Nachos to Emily, and she ended up joining as well. So yea, I’m the reason Emily is here actually. And before anyone asks for like the 100th time, yes we still go to the same school but have no classes together anymore. Dj Dan both claimed us as his recruits either way. In my early days, I was absolutely mortified of the leaders. I’m not even joking, and I really don’t know why. As I got to know Puck, Dj Dan, Ads, Edd (who was a mod at first actually,) and the others I wasn’t so shy and it seemed like a lot of people wanted to be my friend, aside from the vets, or “retirees” as we called them back then, who thought I was really annoying (hey, I don’t blame them honestly.)

Anyway, time went on. I eventually worked my way up to mod and befriended a lot of the UK mods who were there at the time (one of them being Pyjamas Jr, who I’ll talk about later.) I got to experience the Golden Age in the summer of 2013, and let me tell you what a time that was. So many nachos came on at once!


Look at all that Orange!

We also had a war with RPF that July…

Arr Pee Efffffffff

still relevant

Its funny because its still relevant now, nearly 4 years later.

I was ownered as a 3ic (or a 31-c, as I mistyped it once somewhere) in the fall/winter, things started to die down. I started becoming busy with school. By the late winter/early spring of 2014, Beeky offered me a leadership spot, which I had to decline since I was becoming too busy with school. After that I quietly made my leave. I didn’t post too much, nor was I really seen much during my time as a 3ic and 2ic because my parents were constantly breathing down my neck and keeping me away from the computer as well. I visited every once and awhile between then and my return, even getting art requests from the leaders in late 2014 (unfortunately the drawings have been lost in the void-whoops.) No one really remembered who I was unless they were on the chat around the same time I was. I really hadn’t done much to make myself known.


But things changed when I returned. I made a fulltime comeback when I heard Club Penguin would be closing, and I have no regrets at all. I couldn’t use my penguin “Pony Eee” due to the fact they started disabling inactive accounts, so I created a new one under the name “Till Wurner.” Yes- Till Wurner does come from the fictional Pirates of the Caribbean character Will Turner. He’s a very pretty man, but that’s not important right now. I wasn’t ever added back to the ranks, but I’ve made myself known around here to many troops near and far. I’m so happy to have made friends with the new leaders as well! I had matured and come way far out of my shell since 2014, so I began making posts, using lightshot, using recruiting bots (which weren’t popular in my day but were an emerging tool) and the rest. I’ve had so much fun working with everyone and I wish I had been bold enough to step up to this level back when I was actually in the position to do so. I’ve had one or two people even say I should go down as a legend, and while I don’t think that’s true of myself I am really happy I have been such a good influence and friend to you all.


The nachos have become such a memorable part of my childhood. I’ll never forget the things I’ve learned from you guys or the people I’ve come to know. You’re all truly amazing people to be around, and I’ve gotten to that part of the post where I talk about people, oh fun!

Well here we go:

Shiver: I just want you to know when I used to draw nachos in my sketchbooks I would draw your penguin with a Hitler mustache. Also TSN is awesome.

Buck: I’ve heard mixed things about Buck still being around, but either way if Buck is out there I’d like to apologize for being a moron back in 2013. I really should have listened to half the “street smart advice” you gave me instead of getting pissy over it because I ended up learning the hard way that people aren’t going to listen or cater to me all the time.

Chrisi: *hug emote*

Emily: I still get to see you in the hallway and what not so I really don’t have much to say except good luck at Miss Indian. Hopefully I’ll be doing lighting, hopefully. Not sure yet though.

Jason (from RPF): Hey my dude, that shitpost war was really fun honestly. I was kinda sad when Elm and Silv were like “NO MORE POSTING” because that was really fun. Thanks for that.

Beeky: You’ve always been the quiet dude who sits in the corner, but probably one of the chillest people I’ve ever met, ever. Thanks for the APUSH lowdown too, helped me realize what I was going to be in for (also I can’t remember if I mentioned this but I ended up getting a 4 on the test.)

Cool / “Can of Juice” : When I first joined, you were one of the people who would always stick by me and be friends. Though we kinda drifted apart after awhile, it was still fun talking to you!

Centaur: You’re annoying sometimes, but a good man. Thanks for being my friend.

Cookky: I really wasn’t sure what to think of you at first, I’m not gonna lie. But as I got to know you better, I’m happy we got work together in the final 2 months. You’re a great leader!

Conno: I want to thank you for filling me in on everything that happened before I had come back. We kept the US force alive, for awhile at least. It’s been fun.

Dj Dan: You’re a fgt. Jk, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here typing this right now. Thanks for picking me up off the street.

Ads: You were one of the first few people I found out lived in Jersey. And quite frankly, I was amazed to find there were people from my state who were also in this (aside from Emily.) Also, You were a great and funny leader.

Sarge: Thanks for giving me the low-down on Tennessee like last week.

Bubba: I’m still incredibly salty I couldn’t meet up with you at that one band competition in like 2014. You’re a great friend too.


Edd: You’re a cool dude. It was great being a troop under your leadership

Puck: You’re probably one of the people I looked up to the most while I was a troop. You’re a really nice guy and I honestly aim to be that kind to others myself. You were a real friend to all and usually saved my ass from the retirees, which I really appreciated. Not to mention, I had a major crush on you in 2013 but we’re not gonna talk about that anymore because that’s embarrassing. It was really great to know someone like you. Stay cool.

Pyjamas Jr: Oh man, where do I start? You were my best friend, probably the best friend I’ve ever had actually. I remember we started talking because of some website with an infinite running Nyan Cat. It was always so much fun talking to you about everything, whether it be Nachos or artwork. I really miss talking to you, and I don’t know where you are or if you’re even reading this, but I wish we could talk again. You were such a fun guy to chill with. You’re truly someone I’ll never forget.


This is really old art, please excuse that.

Also, some other amazing troops/leaders I didn’t have much to say about but were a huge part of my memories here:






















Son Nav




Cowboy Dan / Dan 101 / The Other Dan

50 Cent





Harry Joe











Kevin/B Batman












The old xat emotes (specifically *wary*)


I’m sure I missed some people since there are so many, and I’m sorry if I did. But I just want to thank all of you for the wonderful time. It’s been lit.

One more thing, because apparently some people didn’t know this yet,


(I’ve been mistaken for a guy so many times though on here it really didn’t ever bother me.)

It was a business doing pleasure with you nachos, Today, Always, and Forever. Stay Spicy my dudes!

~Pony Eee / “Till Wurner” Retired 2ic, Nacho Artist, and Nacho Helper.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some meme pirating to do.

P.S. if you’d still like to contact me, see this post! I also have a Facebook, but I only want to add the people I trust here since it’s more of a personal thing. If you’d like to be my Facebook friend, please ask first.


2 Responses

  1. It has truly been a business doing pleasure with you, Pony. To a true Nachonnian friend.

  2. You have nothing to say about me?! I’m kidding but it was an honour to be apart of CPA while you were. I hope you enjoy your life and never forget us.


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