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War With RPF Is Off


Last Saturday both armies agreed to end the war. It was decided a tie. Continue reading for more information. 

nacho flag.png

Both armies were in peace, but then Elmikey tried to steal a troop from us. The Nachos immediately declared war.

We started invaving RPF servers, all of them being no-show victories. RPF said they wouldn’t be defending because they moved to CPPS and they didn’t care about CP servers.

One week later, they scheduled invasions against us and claimed that the invasions we did before were invalid because of a treaty. Then we started fighting for a week.

The first week was the closest of the war, with both armies being hyped and performing well.

We dominated the second week, when we won all the battles. We also invaded RPF’s capital Tuxedo and defended it 2 times in 72 hours. The Nacho SS was sent to make a cleansing of all the servers RPF claimed the invasions were invalid. With this, all RPF District 1, 2, 3 and 4 servers were under Nachos control.

It was expected that RPF surrendered, but their leader Elmikey didn’t surrender and scheduled invasions against us. I admit that we didn’t pay much attention on the war at this point because we were focusing on Legends Cup.

On the 4th week we resumed the war, but it was getting too boring. We only faced each other one time on that week, at the Battle of Cold Front. All the other invasions had one of the two armies not showing.

The first 2 weeks were really fun, but then the war started being boring. I guess we deserved the victory, since we were better on weeks 1 and 2, but continuing this war would be pointless because no one was having fun. So we decided that a tie would be fair, considering what both armies did through the war. The agreement between Nachos and RPF can be seen below:

agreement between Nachos and RPF

Anyway, this was a good final war. Thanks to everyone who participated of the war campaign.

nachos flag.gif

Cookky, Nachos Leader

2 Responses

  1. I did not know there was a war?! so what is happing to this place one club penguin ends?

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