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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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A Nacho Story: 2006/2007


Over the past few weeks, several legends have been working towards documenting the Nacho History from A to Z. I’m happy to present a sneak preview of the complete years, and hopefully this will give you more insight to this grand army’s humble beginnings. It seems during several discussions on the greatest armies ever, the Nachos have been overlooked because of a “slow” start. However, I can guarantee it was anything less than that. I hope you enjoy!


Written by Shadow2446

In the beginning times, order was near nonexistent. Agents, The Red Army, the Blue Army, Vikings, Romans, and the Army of Club Penguin all rolled between Mammoth, the forum server, and Blizzard, the most popular server. Snowballs, relentless charges, and the sound of the drums ruled the Blizzard and Mammoth Dojos. Small clans of Nachos under different leaderships began popping up among servers, but one leader rose among the rest to establish structure and dominance. Around August 2006, Jamesbond1 declared himself the Nacho King of Blizzard. With a small group of 12 core Nachos, he began to establish the Nacho culture and name among regular CP warriors. Two months later, the heir Tom Wolf would establish his reign over the Nachos. Little did anybody realize this small move by a Nacho Captain would establish the beat of the maracas until the end of Club Penguin Army history.

Many Nacho clans were established and flourished at this time, including my own, as a result of the sombrero becoming massively available (until October 2006) through the penguin style catalog. Nachos would easily mass in size of up to 30 troops to match other popular armies like the Agents and Romans. Even though many Nacho clans roamed throughout CP during this period, Tom Wolf’s claim to leadership was considered by many to have been the most legitimate. At this time, World War II was in full swing. The Army of Club Penguin, who largely dominated armies through the CP forums, was in a deadlock with the Romans. As a result, the Nachos slowly transitioned from Blizzard to aid Oagalthorp in Mammoth in his fight against the Romans. Zippy500, Tom Wolf’s co-leader, was the main instigator of this move, as he had established good relations with the Club Penguin Marines (CPM) and ACP through the Club Penguin forums.

Nachos vs. Pink Mafias

(Above) Nachos and Club Penguin Marines (under the command of CPM Commander Neltron1234, also pictured) fight a pre-UMA unit led by Pink Mafias at the Mammoth Snow Forts.

As popularity in CP armies grew, fights would drag on for three or four hours a time in the Mammoth Dojo or Snow Forts, with re-grouping and full counter-attacks. The Nachos quickly gained a quirky, fun reputation among the local Mammoth folk. At the same time, I had taken up the alias Hollowwood and declared myself a Nacho General. I had missed the connection with the main Nacho army, and as a result was left behind in Blizzard. I primarily fought Romans and Vikings on Blizzard up until late January 2007, when I would take over the name Shadow2446 and then make the move to Mammoth.


Written by Shadow2446

2007 marked a pivotal year for the direction of the Nacho Army. In Blizzard, I was directly taking the fight directly against Explorer7777’s Romans. As a result, two main factions of Nachos grew to power – mine and Tom Wolf’s. At this period, I recruited Nacho legends such as Rca123456, Coolygrl, Specialthing, Boyd50/Boyd100/Cruiseb as my co-generals (pictured below). Meanwhile, other Nacho legends of old (Tom Wolf, Zippy500, Lord Joshua, Jm2000) worked together to establish ranking and order on Mammoth. On February 1st, Tom Wolf created a blog spot for the Nacho army. 17 days later, Oagalthorp would follow suit and create ACP’s wordpress. This officially made the Nachos one of the very first armies to organize outside of Club Penguin’s forums. Tom would continue to organize the Nachos very loosely through the blogspot, but most commands, operations, and rankings were relayed through Club Penguin’s interface.


Even though the two main groups were out of contact, I had not laid claim to the Nacho leadership, as I knew through rumors that Tom Wolf was still on the move. We were out of touch for around two months though. Smeeble, a loyal Nacho troop, was the last connection between the groups on Blizzard and Mammoth. It was my belief that Tom’s group had disbanded and focused their attention on other games than Club Penguin, as Smeeble often came back with very few commands to relay. However, as armies focused on their moves to Mammoth to unite with the forum server, the Nachos under my command grew to prominence on Blizzard. We were relentless, and little did we let another army control the Dojo or Forts for long- primarily the Romans whom had retreated from Mammoth. It was at this time where I began devising tactics that included using mad faces to cover up enemy penguins to cause confusion and distract enemies from their leaders’ commands. The Nacho line tactic also developed at this time, as our sombreros in groups provided advantage in deflecting charges. This gave the Nachos overall a huge tactical advantage against any army we faced.  The Romans had faced the Nachos in full force on Blizzard while also facing the rising power ACP on Mammoth. Their influence greatly diminished, and their army was soon destroyed in full afterwards.


In early March, Tom Wolf led an initial search party back to Blizzard to find old Nachos (pictured above). Here, he found my division under tight leadership and granted me the rank of General as a result of my efforts. Tom Wolf followed this title with an order for me to move my operations to Mammoth, while he would continue to search for Nachos on Blizzard. Now the fun began.


Shadow2446, Smeeble, and Coolygrl, pictured above. Admiral1234 (UMA General) also pictured.

Two slow months later, World War III would break out in full bloom. UMA roamed and controlled Mammoth while ACP’s presence was beginning to diminish with a move to Breeze. Nachos initially took up the charge against the rise of UMA, with a rebel group, RPF, following in suit (pictured above). It did not take long for UMA to officially recognize ACP as their main opponent. UMA would follow with a scheduled ambush of an ACP meeting, and then full out war. The Nachos initially sided with ACP during this war, solely because of Zippy500’s friendship with Oagalthorp. As time moved forward, Nachos went from a neutral state, towards siding with UMA. UMA possessed a lot of the same “bad boy” yet quirky qualities that made the Nachos such a unique CP Army.

At this time, I personally made relationships with Uma Pm, Abercrombe, Angel, Mpenguin, and Admiral. These relationships vaulted the Nachos towards future conflict with ACP. Unfortunately, Tom Wolf would begin a period of inactiveness in preparation for his retirement. In July, Tom Wolf pulled the trigger on what would begin the longest rivalry in Club Penguin Warfare. He declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. In June and July of 2007, UMA and Nachos had a prosperous alliance and established dominance on the server of Mammoth. Soon afterwards though, UMA would succumb to ACP and bring an end to UMA’s involvement in WW3. The Nachos continued the fight and extended the war- which was almost categorized as WW4.

Another Nacho WARP

In August, I marched my battalion of Nachos against a scheduled ACP invasion of Mammoth (see above – picture recovered over a year later).


Oagalthorp, ACP’s leader, considered it a success. I considered their retreat a win. From a position of power, I extended a cease-fire offer to Oagalthorp, which was promptly accepted. A day later, Tom Wolf retired. The Nachos were placed in an unfortunate situation, as Zippy500 was pegged as Tom’s replacement. Zippy500’s group and mine were not on the same page at this time, and communication was extremely difficult. Around this time as well, Nacho generals of old began retiring/disappearing. Ardorin and Jm2000 were banned. Happy Ree and Wetsaw’s involvement dropped drastically, and the Nachos’ future rested on the shoulders of very few.

I continued countering ACP’s advances on Mammoth, while trying to establish a cease-fire in efforts to get back in touch with Nacho leadership on my next moves.


Battles continued for the next two weeks in full force, with ACP and Nachos squaring off in the dojo constantly. Small teams of UMA began assisting us, while RPF began assisting ACP. On August 22nd, ACP officially declared war on the Nacho Army. Two days later, I marched my troops against a scheduled ACP invasion led by Orcacam07 (ACP General), and emerged victorious. As a result, I was promoted to Lt. General (3rd in Command of the Nacho Army). The next day, another scheduled invasion occurred. This time, Zippy500 led the counter-attack, but placed me in charge midway through the battle. The battle resulted in different results depending on who you asked, but regardless, established the Nachos as ACP’s biggest opponent for years to come. At the end of the battle, Zippy extended a peace treaty to ACP. By the next day, the ACP and Nachos had formed an alliance. Our conflict would continue briefly with RPF, but would resolve with pressure from ACP leadership.

During September, the Nachos would pick up several small battles/wars. We fought constantly with the Silver Surfers, small groups of GPR, and the Golds. As a result of CP armies like ACP, RPF, and Nachos allying, we decided to split up among all of the CP servers, and the Nachos picked up USA South. As a part of the deal, the Nachos also reclaimed control of Blizzard and a part of Mammoth. Many Nachos of old came to prominence at this time, including Terrking24, Shivertoe2, Maxwell 605, Jojofishy, Linkin55, Kg007, and others.

In October, Zippy500 and myself decided it was time for the Nachos to expand beyond USA South. Through email communications, Zippy ordered my division to move to Canada to secure it as part of our empire. My co-general Cycle22 and Nacho Capitain Satch made the move against North Pole and other Canadian servers for a week. We faced minimal resistance- mainly against a group called the Red Raiders (led by Wwe Ryan, pictured below)

The Great Canada Invasion lead by Shadow2446
A Nacho division led by Shadow2446 leads an invasion of Canada

When November rolled around, I had to take a leave of absence from my second-in-command position. Luckily, before this occurred, I had increased the involvement of a young Nacho sergeant who would change the army forever.


In December, Akabob22 would be selected as the replacement during my leave of absence. I would come back as the Nacho Ambassador (2IC/3IC). The Nachos would continue to lock down its control of Canada and Blizzard. As a result, the army locked into harsh disagreements with ACP and RPF, and would establish a rivalry for a century.

I don’t march to the beat of the drums, I hear maracas! – Shadow2446

3 Responses

  1. I wish Jamesbond1 and Tom Wolf would actually show up. I’d like to meet them and tell them thank you

  2. I’m surprised how accurate this all is. It’s been so long that the details are becoming foggy, but this is mostly how i remember it. Good to see you still come around shadow! Hope to see you on the nacho chat sometime and catch up.

  3. Surprisingly accurate stuff. It’s been so long that a lot of the memories are foggy but this generally is what i remember. Its good to see you still visit this page Shadow! We should catch up sometime.

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