CP Cheats #6 [Box Dimension Sheet Music]

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Hola Nachos!

Today’s edition of this CP Cheats series will be another music post, this time of the music in the Box Dimension!


The Box Dimension is one of my favourite rooms in Club Penguin, and the music fits so well with the concept. This tune was really fun to do the sheet music for, and is only about 35 seconds long. Again, I wrote the notes out entirely by ear so it may not be 100% accurate. Also, I used just piano for the 3 voices which are likely synth lead, synth pad, and synth bass in the actual song (from top to bottom respectively). Here is the sheet music, and below it is the video of Noteflight playing the score.

Click to enlarge
Box Dimension Sheet1 Box Dimension Sheet2

P.S. I moved the bass line up one octave on the score because it looks better without hundreds of ledger lines xD. But if you watch the video you will hear it is actually played an octave lower.
P.P.S. The last 4 notes in the middle staff are played by a cowbell in the actual song, I just put them in because the last measure in the video sounded empty without it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which CP music you will like me to do next! I know in the last post I said I was thinking to do Pizzatron 3000. If no one comments a different choice I’ll do that.

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/

3 Responses

  1. This is really cool! (by the way, you can use an 8vb mark below notes to show that they should be played an octave lower)

  2. 👏👏👏 That was amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent for the ?th time!!!

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