CP Cheats #7 [Lighthouse Band Sheet Music]

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Hola Nachos!

I felt like doing another music post before CP closes, so today I wrote an arrangement for the Lighthouse music!


Jamming with other penguins at the Lighthouse is one of the cooler features Club Penguin created in my opinion, and the music is nice to listen to. There are 6 instruments used to play the full song, those being drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, trumpet, and tuba. I wrote out the notes for 4 of the 5 melodic voices: trumpet, electric guitar, tuba, and bass. On Noteflight I used a trumpet sound for the trumpet, acoustic guitar for electric guitar, piano for tuba, and upright bass for electric bass. I labeled each one in front of the 4 staves on the sheet music. Here is the sheet music and below it is the video of Noteflight playing the score.

Click to enlarge
Lighthouse Jam Sheet1 Lighthouse Jam Sheet2

I threw in a short blues line to give it some kind of ending. Enjoy 😀

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/

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