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Nachos Take, Burn, and Pillage Breeze from ACP || The Final Event

This was it, the final event. We successfully captured Breeze from the best enemies this game has offered, the ACP. When our army finally dies in a few hours we can go out knowing that we ended with the upper-hand.

We logged in at 10pm EST, and were treated to a chat, that was not only completely filled, but overflowing with veterans of the Nacho Army from throughout our entire history. We began in the dojo, the room that once embodied all that CP warfare was, before heading to the pool. During this period we perhaps achieved around 40+ and a superb quality of tactics. After once again dominating the pool we performed the ancient ritual of streaking throughout the server, which eventually led to the boiler room. Once there we showed our love and affection for each other, to reinforce the bond that has kept us together for over 10 years now. And finally, the last room we pillaged was the iceberg, which through our unity we successfully tipped.

Capturing Breeze from our biggest rivals in our final event shows perhaps everything that it means to be a Nacho. We are the army that was committed to being bold, unorthodox and fearless. Throughout our history we have taken on every challenge thrown at us and we have achieved all the goals that we have set. We are indeed the most legendary army.

I would like to thank everyone who came. You have made this event memorable for all who attended, and I hope when you inevitably reminisce over this community that you remember this last event. The event where we finally showed the ACP and the rest of this community once and for all that we are the greatest army to exist.

Though it must be said, thank you ACP, you were a close second to us and we would could not have had a better army to face off against so many times. I am glad that we have went out together.

I also wish to thank everyone that we have had the opportunity to meet over the years. If you have been a Nacho at any point in our history then this event was for you. This was in memory of everything that we have done over the years, whether it be the wars, the tournaments, or even the hilarious moments on chat. You have all helped to create this memory, and it will last a lifetime.

I guess there is one last thing.

Comment if you made it!


The Nacho Army


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11 Responses

  1. I came. Thanks for everything guys, I love you all!

  2. I was there! It was a pleasure being a Nacho for all these years, I will never forget you guys. Thanks for everything.

  3. Was there. I’m glad for every second I’ve been in this army. Thanks for everyone who was part of our history through these almost 11 years. Proud to be a Nacho!

  4. I was there, and I must say, it has been an honor.

  5. curse the acp troops for not coming on do defend their capital…

  6. Nacho forever! In life or death. My heart is with the Nacho Army always. Im glad I made this final event, and Im glad to have been here during these last 8 years. Thank you all. Thank you for being a part of my life. Please stay in touch.

  7. I was here, and loved every second of it! I got such a bittersweet feeling from this being our final event ever and seeing all my old friends and the legends I had really only heard legends (pun intended) about in my days. I have a few pictures to add in that I saved to my PC, which I’ll add in whenever I get a minute. Adios mi Amigos, it’s been lit ❤️ I’ll never forget any of you, and Power to the Hat!

  8. Although I’m edgy on chat, I just want to say, thank you for the great memories, Nachos! Until we meet again.


  9. I was there. Thank you all for an amazing night! It was magical.

  10. I miss you guys

  11. Good grief. Armies still remain to the bitter end!

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