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Hola Nachos! As you probably all know, CP is closing on the 29th, which is in about a week. This is a sad month for us. The Nacho Army will close and so will the others. But here in the Nachos, we are a family, and we are great friends with each other. In order for this to continue, I’m gonna make a form so you guys can submit your retirement post(your end as a Nacho). You can write anything you want, and I will moderate it and publish it. I’m looking forward to your submissions!

You can share all the memories you have had here, and anything you want to share.nYou are also allowed to put personal information, but on your own risk. I do not carry responsibility for Ddosing, exposing and such. You can enter a plain text, and I will take it to post levels, or you can put a link of your post which will be posted on another site. I appreciate those who will give us a lovely word!


Thanks for reading this.

Legofan Cy~Nachos MultiLegend

3 Responses

  1. Great idea lego

  2. fuck you

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