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The Retirement of WweFreak123 (Joker)

Well, guys all good things must come to an end, and a very good thing has just ended, the great era of Puckley,Tanman626, and Joker, I am the final leader to retire from this great era we had. I was honored to lead alongside with 2 Hall of Famers, and great leaders, unfortunately I did not get to make the Hall of Fame, Tanman626, and Puckley thanks.. Thanks for being best friends, and helping me have a great leadership, I don’t think I could have asked for 2 better people to lead with, I mean whats better than a ginger, lemon lover, and Mexican? 😆

Now, on to a little biography of myself, I’ll try to make it short I don’t want to bore you guys to death, lol. Well, it started on June 25 2009, the same day the king of pop Michael Jackson died o.e I must not have heard the news of his death yet, or I doubt I would’ve been on Club Penguin, I believe I logged on mammoth, I remember it was very early, and I was sent to Town, and I see this huge blob of green penguins which I later figured out were to be ACP, little did I know they were soon to be my most hated army. So, I turn green get into their uniform, and recruit for them for a few minutes, then out of nowhere I see this penguin, in orange a poncho, sombrero, cowboy boots, red sunglasses, and hiking back pack, he was there alone saying “JOIN NACHOS!” “SEARCH THE NACHOS OF CLUBPENGUIN!” etc, I found his uniform to be very appealing, I go up to him, and ask “Are Nachos an army too?” He replies “Yeah”, I ask him where they were at, and he says “Beach”, So I just say “Thanks” and teleport to beach with the map, it took me a few tries to finally get in, once I finally get in I was in awe, I have never seen so many orange penguins ever, EVER. Little did I know that penguin just sent me to one penguin sent me to the best army ever, I feel like an idiot, for not remembering your name, but I truly I’m thankful for stopping me from joining ACP, and making me join Nachos. As I was saying, there was a bunch of Nachos in the beach, so I see them chanting stuff like “SEARCH THE NACHOS!” “VIVA LA NACHOS” (It should’ve been los, lol good thing I fixed that up *wary*) So, I decide to look up Nachos on Google, and I find Nacho site, and immediately join the Nacho Army, thus began the journey of a great troop. Then I look back on Club Penguin and see I do not have the Nacho uniform I was never a member during the time the poncho, and sombrero were out, which really pissed me off since I always wanted it lol. So, I go up to this guy now that I think back I think it was 77Hockey, and tell him I don’t have the uniform he says “Just use anything orange, red, or yellow” So, I use the most noobish uniform ever. and ask him if it was okay he says “Yeah”. Then I had to go, I didn’t get a chance to go on chat, oh but I did later on… and not during such a good time.. Yurpie you might have guessed during what time it was when I first got on Nacho chat, horny hour… yurpie.. *ono* I was left traumatized lol, I left after a short time, and constantly went to events, didn’t get a promo I did start getting a little mad lol. Then I went to a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Come back a few weeks later, and find that almost every leader retired Person, Linkin, and we were left in the hands of Akabob22, and Jayson… Yeah I didn’t like this. I was sad, that Person retired he was a great leader, I never really got to know Linkin back then, but I saw sure Akabob22, and Jayson will take care of Nachos well, boy was I wrong. In a matter of weeks I was the noob that spoke out, I would yell at them like a noob, because I hated their leadership, but for that Akabob22, and Jayson I thank you, if you didn’t make me that noob who spoke out, I might have not been here, I was that noob who was always quiet, then I actually started making friends like Billy Mays, Tucksy, Shallow, even Tanman, etc :D. Billy Mays skipped around 12 ranks I believe, which I’m not going to lie made me envy Billy for a little while since I thought it was unfair since I was just as active as him, but sucked it up and just kept going until I got my mod rank. After a few months we all got tired of Jayson, and Aka being leaders, and treating noobs like dirt they would ben us for saying We like Dragon Ball Z Lolwut? So, they were overthrown and VideoGamer57, and KingKinz10 took over the Nachos, now this is when my carrer took a boost, VideoGamer57 was great at leading, he knew how to lead, and KingKinz10 loved his noobs ( I really wish you got to read this King 😦 ). King Kinz10 quickly became one of my favorite leader still is, he was always nice to me, actually answered my pc’s unlike the other leaders, soon I became one of his golden troops along with Cobra, and Billy Mays, a little later on Tan got added too. I quickly got promoted to mod, I was one of the most active troops during the time if not the most active. I started making many noob armies during that time with my best friend Billy Mays, me and Billy basically went through Nachos together. Now lets skip a few months later I was in my first Third in Command election I one by a landslide I only remember, Tan being in it. Billy was just second in command one rank above him, and I won every election from there, I was on a winning streak, but I got dominated for I think my first shot at becoming leader, I lost by Dash, and 50. People thought 50 was cheating, I did to be honest, i’m not sure if he did, but I sucked it up, and did my job as second in command. Kept getting experienced, and kept trying my damn best for Nachos, I knew we we’re not at our best, but I honestly did see us growing bit by bit. Then it was my try again for leader along with Akabob22, and Tanman626, of course Aka came back lol,The 2 guys with the most votes became leaders I literally owned that election, I was on top with the votes, Tan coming in second, but got cheated out of my leader rank by Aka, I was FURIOUS, I was not able to do anything about it since my internet connection was not on during the time (AT&T sucks). So, I let it go, I didn’t feel like wasting my time. So I sucked it up, and kept going, I remember me, and Billy being leaders for a short time, for a day.. Then, a few months the leadership became great! It was Billy Mays, Tanman626, and I, on our first day of our leadership we got 50+, recruited a bunch of troops, and circled the berg, then for some idiotic reason they overthrew us, I don’t know why, we we’re doing great, I was demoted back to second in command which pissed me off.. But once again I just suck it up and kept going, then 50 cent was about to get promoted to leader, and what not, and people were telling me to overthrow Tan, to overthrow 50 we had nothing against Tan, just 50. I didn’t even want to do it I was like really peer pressured into doing tis, so I get Tan to admin me, by telling him I’m going to add graphics, (Future advice to future leaders never trust anyone who tells you they’re going going to update gfx, or something on site, me, and Tomb, can handle it.) So he made me admin and re-moved Tan, and 50 from the site, and made Billy Mays, Puckley, and I leaders a few hours later Puck un-did everything, and Tan got control of everything. Billy was really mad at Puck, I on the other hand wasn’t.. Why? Because I’m not a rebelling person, I didn’t want to do any of that. I regret it, thank you puck, for making the right decision. Then before you knew it was Puck, tan, and I were leaders, now if you count up that all up I been Nacho leader 5 times, which beats Aka’s record for being Nacho leader, by one. Now, A lemon lover, a ginger, and a Mexican. LOL, that just makes me laugh, what an epic combination, I don’t think there could have been a better combination, we were all great with leading skills, we all had humor, we all loved our troops, and we slowly were bringing back Nachos to how they once were unfortunately we did not get the job done, therefore the next leadership of Hades, Fido, and Pie, please finish off what we could not have finished, but they can’t do it alone, the need your help the troops help, they can’t do it alone, some of you might have preferred the old leadership or another leadership that you can think of, but you shouldn’t. We are one, we work together, we are a family, we accomplish stuff together, we fall, and rise back together. I was told by many people I would never accomplish anything that I should just leave, I would never get leader, but I ignored them, and kept going, now look at me, I’ve been leader FIVE TIMES! I’m sorry I said this was going to be short, but ended up being very long so now I shall just go on to people who I’d like to thank.

Red:indicates some of my Best friends.

Unknown: No, his name is not unknown, I just don’t know his name, this guy recruited me into the most epic army, I could have been recruited into, I feel like an idiot for not being able to remember your name, but I thank you.

Billy Mays: Billy, bro I can’t thank you enough, you’ve been my best friend since the very beginning, we went through the Nachos together, created many fail armies, lol, you’re like the bro I never had, it’s really going to be hard to forget you, you were very perverted, that’s what made you funny in your own way. We’ve been through so much, good luck in the future, bro. Thanks for being one of my Best Friends. Wonder when you’ll meet us at retirement Island.

TanMan626: Bro, I remember seeing you on chat, rarely anyone noticed you, until King Kinz 10 gave you his rank, you became all cool xD. and passed the ranks like nothing. Who’d ever think you’d become such an epic leader, and hall of famer? Congratulations on getting HoF btw :D, hope to play Xbox Live, with you later. Thanks for being a best friend. Can’t wait to see you at retirement Island.

Puckley: Ahh, Puckley, I honestly don’t even know where to start with you, it was an honor, and I mean honor being able to lead, with someone like you, you were very funny, you’ll also be very hard to forget, you always knew what to do, and when to do it, you’re very epic. By the way, you’re always welcome inside my pants :lol:. Have fun with your lemons, at retirement island, can’t wait to see you there playing with your lemons. 😉

Shallow (Naruto some numbers, lol): I doubt you’ll read this, but you were on of my first friends in Nachos, you taught me how to make my first smiley :D, You were a cool person to talk to, you still are, I hope we get to talk to each other sometime in the future.

Shad/ShaddehPaddeh/Shad8/KFC dictator: Bro, I remember meeting you when I was a noob, you supposedly hated all noobs, but for some reason you became fond of me, in a non homo way, I’m going to miss you bro, good luck in the marines, then taking over KFC, and Popeyes.

VideoGamer57: Gamer, you truly are a brother I never had. We did get off the wrong start when you basically scammed me when I was a noob. We got over it though, and instantly became like the best friends ever. You were an amazing friend. Just stop taking over Rapidy’s left overs if you know what I mean ;). Good luck in the future Gamer. I know with your intelligence you’ll get far in life.

King Kinz 10: Gah, I can’t believe we lost you to Ikariam -_-. I really wish you could read this King, you were on of my favorite leaders, you were so nice to noobs, you were like my idol, probably why I’m so nice to noobs now. Lol, I just remembered about LLP. PURPLE FOREVER!


Ads354: You’re an epic person Ads, and one hell of a leader, but you already know that, thanks for helping me through a lot of stuff, Ads, you’re really one of my best friends.

Tombeh147: Tomb, you are truly a great friend, thanks for being my graphics mentor, if it wasn’t for you I’d probably suck super bad at graphics right now, at least I’m decent at the moment. I always looked up to you since I was a noob, even though the first time I met you you called me a noob, but it doesn’t bother me cause I was. You were a great friend, thanks for everything.

Medz: You are such an epic person Medz, you’re a role model to a lot of girl in Nachos, you still do care about Nachos, and stand up for the girls in Nachos, and I respect that, and find that so great for you to do that, since not much girls get a chance.

Chuckisthe2: Bro, you’re an army w***** stop joining so many damn armies. You’re an epic person funny, I just wish you weren’t so perverted.. Stop lying about your age too, it was nice knowing you grandson I’M YO GRAND MAC DADDY. ;D

Chris: Ah son, why did you have to make such a fail like Chuck? Chris you’re an epic person, one of my best friends. and addicted to Call of Duty Lawl.

Capncook: See I’m not like you, who only adds legends into their retirement post! 😦 Lol, I miss you Capn, I really wish you’d play something else rather than Halo, on Xbox live though. *ono*

McNuggetBoy: You were very cool, I doubt you’ll see this, bro, You should come visit sometime, bro.

Oberst: Dude, you are obsessed with Dubstep, lmao. That’s a good thing though, always give me some epic stuff to litsen to, You’re very too, you’re also VERY intelligent, you can go very far in life with you intelligence. You were a great friend, bro.

Bonez: Dude, like Shad, you hated noobs, you still do, lol, but for some reason you liked me when I was a noob, we’ve been friends for a very long time. We could have an epic convo for hours by the way next time you go to a Hollywood undead concert invite me, gah you go to a bunch.

Qwerty: When aren’t you on Xbox live? Bro come visit us more often, I doubt you’re going to read this. By the way, I got a Xbox headset now, TurtleBeach *Y*, we should play some CoD sometime.

BrassAssDash/AssyRashyPoo: Bro, you look just like my friend irl, just like him, you were very cool too, great leader as well, very pervy can’t forget that… Good luck in life, bro.

Pie: You’re one sexy flavored Pie, you’re a cool person. I couldn’t forget to add you.

Person1233: It was an honor serving under your leadership. I used to be a noob that didn’t give a crap about grammar, but you inspired me to use at least decent grammar. 😀 Pretty weird how we had the same medical problems, tonsils bigger than usual, appendix taken out.

Carly: Guys, Carly is an amazing troop, at first I thought she didn’t care about Nachos just wanted mod, but I was DEAD wrong, you actually do care about Nachos, a lot of people don’t see that, but when I actually started paying attention to you, during when we were having mod evaluations, I saw that you did care, a lot of people under estimate you, because you’re a girl, and I find them idiotic for that. I honestly believe Carly should be an owner rank soon.

Akabob22: Aka, you won’t read this, and won’t give a crap either, but you have earned my respect, just as I earned your respect, even though we did argue about everything all the time before.

Jayson: Jay, you, and me didn’t start off pretty good when we first met, but both became good friend, when we we’re both fellow third in commands, but then got in another argument due to Billy, but I found you on CP chat a few weeks ago, and we had a nice convo.

Linkin: Sorry, for becoming the guy with the biggest log :Lol: Lol jk. You’re a cool person Link, you can make just about anybody laugh.

Wookie Raider: ROOKIE! I can’t believe I almost forgot about you, I know you won’t read this, but you just popped in to my mind, I miss you Rookie. =(

Tucksy: We get in a lot of arguments now, but I just do that to annoy you ^_^. I still see you as a great friend. You were also on of my first friends along with Billy, and Shallow.

Cobra: COBRAAAA! I almost forgot about you, you were a great friend to me, you were like my rival in graphics, if you never quit gfx, who knows what you could do now, I haven’t seen you in forever

Alex: What’s up twin, you’re so funny bro, you seem serious but can be the most perverted, funniest guy on chat.

BuckleyBeans: Well I could never forget Mr. Sophisticated BuckleyBeans. Lol Buck you’re a blast to hang out with, I remember when I first met you I had a blast, I hope you end up with a “Ride” :Lol:

Lolololololol ❤

 Jet: Jet, you are so epic, I remember we once started an army at 3 am CST Lol.

Flipper: Flippah! Bro, you are so epic, pretty odd how during the beginning of your leadership anytime you lead ACP, most likely I was leading Nachos, well during battle, I honestly don’t know why you stopped making graphics, you were like my rival, oh well.

Fox: Lol, Fox I couldn’t forget you, you are an amazing person, good friend, I remember you saying you died a little once you heard I was going to retire, lol. I’m going to miss you Fox. I was trying to beat your retirement post, hope I did :lol”

Freddy: So….How’s Florida? 😆 Lol, you are one of the coolest people I’ve met on chat, 20k+ words for your retirement post. Little too far? o_o

Bunk: Bunk, you’re an amazing friend, and that Sega dreamcast 2 will come soon 😆

Mchappy: We we’re great friends before, but we sorta split apart once you got ACP 3ic, I don’t know whyWe actually beagn to talk to each other again, like before. WE WILL RULE THE WORLD TOGETHER MWAHAHAHAHAHHA SUPREME WORLD DICTATORS!

Tori: HAI SEXY TORI! :o, you were one of my first friends in ACP along with Mch.

Supperz1: Supperz, you’re a cool person, I’m going to miss you, Suppz.

Ennbay: You ain’t got not style, lol jk you do. You were a blast to hang out with, I could talk with you forever. You’re a player no doubt about that. Have a great life Ben. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool. You are cool.

Speeder: Dude, you are so cool, I could talk with you for hour. I’m going to miss you Speed.

Shab: You’re cool to talk to, can be very funny. 😆

Kenneth: WcbibeciuOWBicPDBWIBIWEOHNpo. Lolwut o_o You’re cool too, you’re like the nice leader, while Flipper is well just.. Flipper.

Slider: I’m still sexy! No matter what you say! 😥

Matt: Matt, you’re a weird person.. in your own way.. but that’s why you’re so epic. I’m going to miss you Matt.

BlazelFlack: JENNYYYYYY, Jenny you were such an epic person, even if you had a lot of problems in real life, you we’re always epic on chat, I really wish we could see you again.

Alessa: You’re a cool person, can be pretty weird at times, lol.

Alena: Lol, I remember when I first met you, it was sorta weird, but fun at the same time :lol:. I’m going to miss you Alena. Hope you have a great future. You’re a loving person. -awe- ❤ “I LOVE YOU TOO ALENA<3333” Lolwut o_o

Mel/Sam/Bunny: It was great knowing you Melly, we can still talk, lol. We had a lot of fun, funny, weird moments. 😆 ANSWER MAH TEXTS! GAWD *crs*

Tats20: Tats I’ve known you for a long time, I’m happy you’re back :D, good luck Tats

Ark: I have known you foreverrr, nice to see you’re back Ark. You’ve been one of my best friends since the beginning.

Shed/Victor: You’re a cool guy, you should come visit us more often.

Cooper: Bro, I honestly can see you at the Olympics or a pro athlete in a few years, you were a great friend, Coop, have a great future.

77Hockey: If you were that guy who helped me out while I was a noob, thank you, by the way I can see you writing the must freaked up perverted story ever, and making it New Yorks Best time seller.

50cent254: 50, you’re much different than I thought, you’re a pretty cool person.

Danny: I just met you a few weeks ago, but you’re very cool, just if you didn’t watch My Little Pony *Wary*, same with you I figured out we joined CP armies the same day! xD and yesterday too o_o. God damnit I don’t feel so special anymore.

Etac14: We joined CP armies, on the same day o_o, and I didn’t figure that out till yesterday! xD, and I felt special about joining on the same day as MJ. 😦 . You’re epic at gfx, along being an epic person.

Vince: You’re a cool guy, good luck with Night Warriors! I’m sure you can bring the back to how they were.

Time: You’re epic, funny, and a great third in command, good luck in your owner carrer. Hope you the best in skating, and all the other stuff you do.

Carly: Guys, Carly is an amazing troop, at first I thought she didn’t care about Nachos just wanted mod, but I was DEAD wrong, you actually do care about Nachos, a lot of people don’t see that, but when I actually started paying attention to you, during when we were having mod evaluations, I saw that you did care, a lot of people under estimate you, because you’re a girl, and I find them idiotic for that. I honestly believe Carly should be an owner rank soon.

Smeebs: I remember when you first tampon pwned me. Lolwut

Woj: I know a lot of people are going to flame me for adding you but I don’t care, you were a good friend, we had a lot of funny moments, I really wish that our friendship didn’t end, I feel like it’s my fault, but oh well. You were of my best freinds for a while I thank you for that.

Panties: Panthers, you’re literally screwed up, but you’re fun to mess with, I would tell you to stop being such a jerk to people, but you’re rarely a jerk to me, and I don’t want to ruin your swag, so I won’t. x]

Funk: I’m really happy I got to meet you, you’re an epic person, Funk, funny, and I really hope you do get to Ice Warrior leader, if Icey ever retires, lol.

Hurricane: I am not going to lie, Hurr making gfx for you is so difficult, you can be so picky xD don’t take that in a bad way. STOP JOINING SO MANY ARMIES! If you stay in one maybe you’ll get added to HoF. Lol, jk do what ever you want xD just a little advice.

Houndy: HOUNDYYYYY, Houndy you were a blast to hang with, you’re obsessed with basketball, like I’m obsessed with Soccer, lol.

Thex: I still love you baby. ❤

Fort: Fort 😮 I just recently started talking to you, you’re a cool guy. P;

Rabo: You’re an epic person, nuff said.

Reich/Bishop/Peng etc: I’m going to miss my Wwe bro, oh btw 19-1 😆

Generation3/Gennifer: Where are you? We never going to make bacon again 😆 *pulls out pig*

Quincey: LMAOROFLCOPTERBBQJOHNQUINCEYADAMS!, ahh I’m going miss you in your playboy bunny outfit, Quincey.

Khimo: You’re one epic person, good luck in life, I’m going to miss you a bunch

Donut: Where are you buddy? 😦 I really wish you could see this, bro.

Terr: Terr, you were one epic guy, I hope you’re enjoying life, bro.

Rapidy: I see your future, I can see you working at the corner…store, lol good luck in the future Rapidy, Tommy.

Police: Lol, I remember you when I was a noob, you were one hell of a guy.

San Chivas: You won’t read this, but you were a great friend, and by the way, America all the way, Chivas suck. 😆

Pringle: When I see your graphics I just go BOINK BOINK BOINK BONK BONK *fap*

Poch: You’re a pretty cool guy, good luck with THEE NINJAS

Thedog: Dog! I can’t believe I almost forgot about you! It was a blast knowing you, Dog.

Jcapp: You are so weird, but that’s why I like you.

Trickster: I see you’re still in that “Sticky” situation Trick.

Pungy: Good luck with Global Defenders

Hades: Hades you’re very intelligent, and good at spying, you can get very far, and Nachos very far as well, I did underestimate you at first, and feel very stupid for doing that. I believe you can bring the Nachos into greatness. I’m sure you can take care of Nachos very good.

Fido: Fido, you are an amazing troop, you’re 10, and make most people I know look like idiots (No offence) Your grammar, is just amazing, your leading skills are great, your activeness is great for being in UK, and I mean GREAT. Overall you were a great troop. I honestly do believe you can bring in a lot of UK troops into Nachos, I want to leave you that goal, I want you to bring the UK troops back into Nachos. Fido, I know you can do it. 😉

Pie: Well Pie, you already know what you’re doing, so I can’t tell you what to do. I’d just have to say don’t tell ACP, Nachos plans likes you did the other day.. Other than that you’re a great leader, you get our troops online, and active, and have great leading skills

Pwner1: Pwnis. Lolwut, you’re a cool guy

Wolfie: Hai Wolfie, I’m going to miss you bud.

Eddy: You’re good at leading but can be very immature, if you mature a bit, you’d be a great leader, but if you don’t want to don’t. We can’t change you are.

Zak: Good luck in your cp army carrer.

Mann: You’re a great troop

Harv: You’re a cool guy. You know like every lyric to every Linkin Park song. That’s win, brah.

Guitar48300: Guitar, you’re an amazing troop, if you stayed more active you’d get owner in no time, good luck Guitar.

Temp: Temp was here. Lolwut

Now, my advice to the new recruits: Guys, there will be people who pick on you, call you a “noob” “nooblet” and many other things, tell you you’ll never become anything here, and should just leave. I can just tell you to do one thing IGNORE THEM that’s exactly what I did I ignored all of them, all you have to do is ignore them, and keep striving, and hopefully one day you can finally reach that brass ring, become Nacho leader, and hell maybe even become a Hall of Famer! I was told many times I’ll never get far in Nachos, look at me now, I had a great career in Nachos! Never give up, you just ignore all those people, and keep going, keep striving go through the ranks stay loyal to the Nachos, and do your best for the Nachos.

Well, I’m done with that this post is almost 4,000+ words, and my brain is like dead. xD So I’ll just go on with the rest of my post. Sorry, if I forgot you. Those are just a few of my many friends I made in my journey in my CP army carrer

I achieved all my goals, making friends, leading during a world war, lead a battle against ACP, and win. Lead Nachos while they’re number one army. Hope Nachos in every way I could. I can keep going on forever, unfortunately I didn’t achieve one. Getting into the Hall of Fame, but oh well, I know I did my best maybe in the future I will be added.

Well Here is my retirement songs, I didn’t know which one to pick between these two, they’re just so good.:

720p FTW

Now time for some pictures:

Ohh Chuck, you are soo messed up.

Billy’s future van 😆

Ohh two wins in one pic


Right before he died (:



I love soccer <33

I just had to add  that. Lolwut.

History does repeat its self.

^ Billy’s rape face

This is a typical morning for Billy, and I, yurpie.. excpet he’s usually the one fapping.

If you find some pic a bit inapp, sorry but that’s just who I am.

Now some pic of my favorite time in Nachos

The orginal Ninja Nachos, and winners of the Legends cup 2011! Tanman, and I 😆

What a sexy X, amirite?


Boner alert

We’re so hot.

We have such huge “Docks”.


ACP has no dock! Lol, jk I love ACP ❤

Whan an epic “O” Circle line, lol.

We look so hot when we’re mad


Ninjas and Nachos look so sexy

Why so serious ninjas? 😆

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that turns out to be my first event, the day after I joined. I remember it clearly.

I was such a noob.

Well, those are just few of the many pics, and one video I have gathered as a Nacho. Now for my requests

My requests:

1. Consider adding me into the Hall of Fame, you don’t have to, if you don’t I’ll understand.

2. Don’t abuse troops, it’s frustrating, seeing us recruiting in new troops then you just scaring them away, because you think it’s “cool”, and makes people laugh, then you scare them away to another army like ACP, I’ve seen many troops leave us for ACP, due to being abused by many mods/owners, we’re basically recruiting for ACP, and we’re their rivals?

3. Retiree’s please stop re-joining, let the new era lead, even if you don’t like it they’re going to be owners sooner or later. so just get over it, and let them lead. I won’t be re-joining don’t worry about me, I’d just be a nuisance.

4. Respect the girls around here more, you guys can be so perverted and you scare away most of the girls. Yet you guys want a horny hour..? You want a horny hour with everyone or most people being a boy, I don’t know about you but I’m not gay. o_o Not saying it’s a bad thing. -wary-

Another thing please keep me admin on site, I might have to update site on the future, add graphics, and what not, I won’t be doing anything else, besides updating the gfx, if someone hacks the site feel free to re-move me from the site.

Well this is my last post, I’m going to miss you guys 😦 it was great knowing every single one of you, all of you are great people, I hope you the best in the future.

*Begins to walk out of Casa de Nacho, while troops applaud me, hangs sombrero, and walks out, begins to walk away while dropping tears.-

Good bye Nachos I’m going to miss you 😦



39 Responses

  1. We will all miss you Joker you were my best friend in the nachos you were very kind and we met in 2010 or 2009 hope you make it to the hall of fame! Lets meet 1 day! ~Penguin2755

  2. Joker ill friggin miss you like crazy.
    Even if i was never in the nachos….
    Love you buddy.<3

  3. Well I finish my post with 5,513 words, I’ll stay for a few weeks as an advisor till I go back to school.

  4. I guess me, you and Etac joined the same day O.o that’s creepy. Anywho, we still need to dribble and play soccer some time. ;]

  5. You were a great friend joker!!! You will be missed. -wary- call me

  6. Joker have a great life. (: Come and visit nachos once and a while! 😀

  7. I was here 😀

    <3333 bye Jokerrr

  8. I dont want all the retirees to leave us! If they leave by the time Im owner, I wont know anybody! Goodbye Joker, you forgot me but oh well :(.

  9. If all the people who retire could give me facebook or something so we dont have to say goodbye, that would be great

  10. Bye Joker. You were a great friend.

    If I ever get an Xbox, I’ll look for Jok3xican 😉

    I’ll miss fondling you!

    Love, Pwn

  11. Bye man, It was nice knowing you. I’ll never forget 2g1c with you in chat 😉

  12. 😉 Will miss you bro.

  13. New York times bestseller? Only losers get that. I want a 10 page article in playboy dammit.

  14. Bye Joker I’ll miss you 😦


  16. After all this time..

    Goodbye j0x3r.

  17. it was an honor being noobs,mods,owners, and leaders together. you became one of my best friends when i first joined. to whoever adds people to the HOF, THIS MAN NEEDS TO BE ADDED!

  18. OHH EMMM GEEE JOKURRRRR, I’m gonna miss ya bro. Retirement Island, here we come D:

  19. Joker D:< You forgot about me!

  20. lmao I like Billy’s rape face. XD

    Anyways, I’ll miss you so freaking much Jokeypokeypoo. Don’t forget to visit meh on chat once in a while. :O

  21. jokerrrr you forgot the math :3
    anyways you’re visiting or else

  22. You know joker i wish i couldve told you this like a year ago, but Jenny had a facebook. Unfortunately she couldnt add people she didnt know after we we’re facebook friends for 5 months i think, then after that her facebook was gone. and still is. But on Sept 30 my school has a football game against her school. so if I see her there i’ll tell her you said hi…or bye or whatever

  23. Good bye Joker. You were a great troop/leader.

    1 Golden trooper left. Tan don’t fuck it up.


    ~much love kingkinz10

  24. cya joke on retirement island oh yeah 20-0 you know it

  25. What…… No more golden troops?

    That sucks!

    I guess my legicy is dead 🙂

  26. I love you.

  27. I love you too ads(wary)

  28. Bai Joker, you were epic 😦

  29. bye

  30. Well guys. It looks like I’m retiring. This is not when I wanted to retire. I wish i could stay longer. But the two main reasons I have decided to is because I do not get much respect after being demoted to member. And know body listens to me anymore. The only nacho over mod that listens to me is Eddy, Kronos, Fido, and Jboy….. who is never on anymore. I mean really Jboy why not. Whatever that’s not the point.

    I would Like to make a summary of my Nacho career. I want you to see what I loved and what went wrong in my career. Please read this. You might be in it anyway ADS….

    Summary: KRONOS and I are on Cp and we see ACP kronos tells me about Cp armies. I started to like them a few weeks later. (Kronos was Ember12 at that time. He did not use kronos as much) So I saw ACP fighting Nachos. They looked really good and they had a cool uniform *wary*. I went to the site and I joined. I had my first battle vs ACP in May. The first two people I met were ZAYER and GARES. This seems really weird now. They first time Zayer ever talked to me he was getting mad at me. Now Zayer and I hate each other. I also was hated by ALESSA at that time too. I was having a lot of fun here. I got promos and in about 3 months FIDO joined. Fido and I started to be great friends. Then about in my 6 month I got promoted to mod. Everyone hates that idea BILLY and ADS had of promoting me. But then Ads retired. Later they thought about my mod promo and I seemed a lot better than they thought. I was soon promoted to Grand general by TANMAN. I also met EDDY and JBOY5 at that time. Who are very good friends now! Then when Ads came back he almost ruined my career. He demoted so many people. Kronos got demoted. So did Fido, Jboy, and Eddy. JOKER started getting anoying then. I never got promoted again to Grand General. Very many times I got demoted then promoted then demoted then promoted. Also kronos did too. Us to could not get out of the ranks of Brigadier General and Major General. We really hates that time. It was like that for a long time. Jboy told Kronos about a game called Transformice. Then Kronos told me. I did it so much. Then i became inactive and got demoted out of mod for good I guess. Then i joined ST which Kronos is one of the leaders of. He made my 4ic in that army. Nothing on you guys but I am not retiring from there. I have a responsibility there… not here though. When we started evaluations I asked if i could have one. PERN let me. But then know one showed up. I did not get another. Person would not listen to me anymore. Now I am nothing to this army. Then Kronos retired. So the only people who ever stayed with me the whole time and never let me down were Fido, Eddy, Jboy, Kronos, and Tanman kinda… That’s was my life with you guys.

    People to Thank:

    Kronos- I know you….. so cya at places.

    Fido- One of my best friends EVER here. I will miss you a lot.

    Jboy- ANOTHER one of my best friend here! I will miss you a lot.

    Eddy- ANOTHER one of by best friends here. I will miss you a lot.

    Tanman- ANOTHER…jk. Tan you were an awesome leader and a good friend.

    Billy Mays- My other favorite leader!

    Ads- I hate you Mr. Demotion.

    Talex and Matt- You guys were equally good friends. I will miss you guys.

    Alessa- Yeah you were okay…..

    Carly- Yeah you were okay….And I still think you are 6 years old.

    Marie/Mary/Maire HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT- Yeah you were okay….

    Gares- Friend and just friend you are a girl…( I didn’t know that untill the 2011 year)

    Joker- Good leader.

    Puckley- Good Leader

    Person/Pern- Great leade…. but mean.

    Rainbow- I good friend

    Hades- You get on y nerves but oh well I’m retiring. Don’t celebrate please.

    Gamer Nachos- A good leader

    NACHOS- Best army ever thank you.

    Well nachos I will be on chat sometimes. I think will give my rank to Hades…..lol. PLEASE. Give it to him. He deserves it.
    I guess I’m just another not-needed boy in an army. *cry*

    Goodbye Nachos. I will miss you

  31. tl;dr


  32. We’re gonna miss you, son of a beezy.

  33. […] Now I don’t want to go overboard as I did last time with my retirement post (5,511 words)  […]

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