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An Analysis of the RPF

Hola Nachos, it’s your 2ic Wolfie here.  Recently, there has been an issue that has arisen and come to my concern. As many of you may know, the mighty Nachos have been clearly defeating the evil, bombastic Rebel Penguin Federation throughout this lengthy war. However, it seems that there have been spies on our chat. As anyone knows, it is not easy to find out who these spies are, so armies tend to simply accept that there will be a few spies on the chat, and know that is rather unpreventable to get rid of them all. However, such armies like the pompous, malevolent Rebel Penguin Federation, take pictures of our chat, and misconstrue them, or twist the actual meaning into something completely different. This post serves to bring to light the pictures of the malicious, pretentious Rebel Penguin Federation, and their idiocy….

Picture 1:

Bands of flags circling earth like globe

RPF: On the Nacho site, the Nachos report that they had sooo many soldiers locked out.  Once again, a lie.

My analysis: I happen to have a picture of our locked out troops when Nachos were battling the vile, arrogant Rebel Penguin Federation on the iceberg. Our locked out troops were told to go to the snow forts,


I happen to count about 14 Nachos here, perhaps at the beginning it was 5, when all of our troops were actually in the determined battle room. The only reason our troops got locked out is because the cowardly Rebel Penguin Federation retreated so many times. Additionally, I do not see any mention of anyone saying on any posts that we had “sooo” many soldiers locked out. Perhaps you could find evidence of this you evil, lying, cheating Rebel Penguin Federation? And if it isn’t enough, those 14 locked out troops themselves could have probably beaten the conniving Rebel Penguin Federation with the small sizes they obtain.

Picture 2:

Bands of flags circling earth like globe

RPF: Hockey states that Nachos are going to win, yet Hadger, who previously admitted they weren’t doing as well as yesterday’s event above, stated, “Nope.”

My analysis: This is just another exaggeration by the devious Rebel Penguin Federation. They stretch the truth and take pictures like this that do not tell the whole story. I know for a fact that Hadger was not speaking to Hockey when he said “Nope”. If the imprudent RPF had looked back or taken a picture of the whole situation, they could have seen that Hadger was speaking to me. I had asked Hadger if he was leaving early from the battle, and he replied “Nope”. However, the meddling Rebel  trying to make it seem like Hadger was being negative, when he is far from it. Hadger is one of the most optimistic troops we have.

Picture 3:


RPF: This next shot supplied by our special spies shows the Nacho owner admitting that Nachos are “the evil ones in this war.”

My analysis: Oh you scheming, crafty, Rebel Penguin Federation owners. You just love to be so exaggerative, and make things seem like what they are not. My comment is clearly sarcasm, and even a fool could figure that out. However, the senseless Rebel Penguin Federation must be beyond the pont of “fools”. I would know, because I was the one who said it. If you may notice, the “*wipes tear from eye” comment was me imitating as if I was laughing at the fact that you considered us “evil.” It is clear to me that the Rebel Penguin Federation are the wicked villains in this war, despite their failed attempts at trying to portray themselves as “the good guys.” Good guys don’t threaten troops with demotion for “complaining”,

They wouldn’t be complaining if you didn’t stay on Club Penguin past the time limit! Battles are supposed to be 30 minutes long (on average), but you insist on elongating battles to 45 minutes up to an hour! There was even one battle that went on for about 80 minutes. Ridiculous, I know.

Also, learn to get the name of the server that you fought on correct.

It was White House, not Ice Box. And what an original title-just steal Puck’s title posts.

My message to Elmikey: I strongly suggest you read Bluesockwa’s post on CPAC about totalitarian war. I strongly believe his message is indirectly directed to you. Blue may not say so, but it seems very much so. I also suggest you heed Blue’s post’s warning and end this war that you are clearly losing, before you don’t even have an army anymore. Face it, your troops are losing morale and motivation, and they frankly want this war to end, and so do your fellow owners and leaders. Your army is crumbling from the inside, and your stubbornness is blocking your view. Your pigheadedness is going to be you and your armies downfall, unless you open your eyes and see what is happening right in front of you.

And if the rash, inane Rebel Penguin Federation refuses to accept their inevitable,fate of defeat, then we the ever resilient Nachos are going to continue to break and destroy them until there is nothing left of them but a crushed hope and a lost cause, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WE DO!


Even though I’ve made a post, not too long ago, about your stupid anti-nacho propaganda, you continue to make your stupid accusations of us DDoS’ing, yet you still provide no evidence. Snaily attempted to provide evidence of us DDoS’ing, but her “evidence” was a joke at best.

Bands of flags circling earth like globe

What exactly is that supposed to prove? All that is, is a simple command for your CMD, which releases your current IP, so how is that evidence of us DDoS’ing your troops? It’s honestly pathetic you guys make up all these false accusations.

Stay Strong Nachos,

~Keep Pwning


13 Responses

  1. This is so well written. Nice job Wolfie!

  2. I’m glad that you posted this since it’s 100% true. Especially the part about me being one of your most optimistic soldiers. *WARY*

    Nice post! 😀

  3. I’m pretty sure that Hadger had belife in him self that we were going to win. And we DID

  4. Nice post, Wolfie. RPF fails once again.

  5. youre calling me an RPF? oh its on, JK, nice post wolfie

  6. So you’re criticizing the RPF for taking pics of things said out of context, when the Nachos do the same thing and on a much larger scale?


    • I’m criticizing the RPF because they use excessive propoganda, they stretch the truth to it’s extremes, sometimes to the point where they’ve turned it into a complete lie, and they claim that us “Nachos” are the evil ones, when they refuse to see that their troops are clearly losing morale and want to stop fighting, but of course Elmikey and his pigheadedness refuses to give up, it shows that he does not care about the lives or happiness of his troops. That sounds pretty evil to me.

    • I’m pretty sure “STOP COMPLAINING OR ITS A DEMOTION” can’t be taken out of context.

    • We do? Point one picture where it’s out of context, please, and if you could point out more than one that’d be great.

  7. Nice post

  8. even the RPF would agree with all this

  9. Brilliant!!

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