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RPF HAS DDoS’d Us!!!!!


Now obviously, this is a joke no one was DDoS’d, we started mocking RPF, since that’s a clear representation of what RPF constantly accuses us of:

If you have to make up these false accusations, just so you can protect your ego, that’s pathetic.

This was Gar’s excuse for not going on CP.

You have to stop making all these accusations, just because you have a poor performance on CP, you make up these lies just because you’re losing? That’s pathetic. You’re claiming you’re being DDoS’d yet you’re on Xat? What kind of sorcery are you using? If you’re really not able to connect to Club Penguin here’s the reason why:

1. You have crappy connection

2. You have a crappy computer

3. Club Penguin hates you

Good bye now!

64 Responses

  1. This site had to load for a few seconds! Obviously, RPF has hacked this website.

  2. I stubbed my toe today, RPF obviously hacked me.

  3. I found a 100 dollar bill today, I knew that RPF hacked it, so I left it on the ground.

  4. there’s no food in the pantry, pshhhh, i bet RPF stole all of it.

  5. My dog started to bark at me today and then he bit me. RPF definitely hacked him. LIKE THIS COMMENT TO SAVE MILO 😥

  6. rpf wont surrender. obviously someone hacked their brains

  7. rpf became retards. i dont think theyre hacked though

  8. I did E9, nothing happened!

  9. oh no it took .00000001 seconds longer to load the page obviously hacked by rpf

  10. I think they hacked :/

  11. My friend wanted to go outside rpf has hacked him…

  12. umg nu i treyd 2 get somting 2 drink but dere waz non i fink are pee eff stole it

  13. rpf stole ma pufflez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they hax me 2 i miss u snowy pls come back 2 me

    i am victim of rpf ddOSIGN

  14. im bored. obviously RPF’s fault.

  15. Club Penguin only paid me 150 coins for being a Tour Guide, RPF DDoS’D me holy crap!

  16. I have to go outside in the heat for 3 hours, Its obviously the RPF’s fault for it being too hot outside.

  17. Rpf hacked into asiana airlines and made it fall! Flight 214 forever missed- :'[

  18. dude I had like about 30 pins but now I only have 26! was this a glitch or was it rpf? like if it is a glitch and reply saying yes it was rpf is its not a glitch.

  19. I went outside on a sunny day then in seconds it turned into a thunderstorm. RPF hacked the weather.

  20. I caught a magikarp and It didn’t know splash. RPF is hacking my game.

    • It’s just a bug in the game. What’s the problem about that? Tell that to Gamefreak

    • well my magikarp only knew splash and i was battlin another magikarp that only knew splash and those were the only pokemon we had and i started playin last year RPF HACKED IT

  21. 22 kids in India died from tainted lunches. RPF could have DDoS’d them.

  22. My pencil snapped, it’s obvious RPF hacked my pencil.

  23. this is so stupied RPF hacked my computer it said your posting to fast slow down you retard

  24. Ehh, people say Nachos DDoS us, but for me it’s always Saw DDoSing me, never Nachos.

  25. I looked like an idiot the other day because my friend did something weird with my hair. RPF HACKED HER!!! :O

  26. a llama tried to spit at me, rpf must of hacked it.:( HOW COULD YOU RPF?!?!

  27. I was playing soccer, But then my back hurt. RPF hacked my back D:

  28. i tested positive for cancer, RPF hacked me.

  29. THEY HACKED???? no wayyy it’s not fair for us!! 😡

  30. To be fair, they actually are being DDoS’d. Doesn’t mean the Nachos are doing it, though.

    • RPF has repeatedly accused us of DDOSing them, and they take no mercy by calling us many names, and somehow they think we’re evil

  31. i had to go rugby training during a event, this happened because rpf ddosed me

  32. I went running and started sweating. RPF must’ve hacked me.

  33. I was constipated today, I think RPF hacked my digestive system.

  34. oh god my shit is blue
    RPF hacked my rectum!!!!!!!!!


  36. My bed was uncomfortable when i woke up. RPF hacked my bed!

  37. […] naturally isn’t the first time you fiends have DDoS’ed anyone. As Joker’s post >>>HERE<<< clearly shows, you have DDoS’ed multiple […]

  38. I Was on my couch with my cat on my lap and then he farted. RPF hacked my cat!!!

  39. maybe you arent being ddosed,it could just be a game mess up.if you are being ddosed that doesent mean its rpf,it could be acp,ar,dw,swat,dcp,ww,or any other armies.your probly just blaiming it on rpf becouse you hate them

    • your saying rpf stole your food and all kinds of other bullshit, that makes no sence,its easy to tell your just mad at them becouse the war,rpf doesent even know where you live,they cant steel your food+someone even said “my bed was unconfertable when i woke up.rpf hacked my bed!”.wtf! you cant hack a fucking bed

    • I don’t think you understand jokes m8.

    • It’s a joke…

  40. This is a joke jackass

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