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HOW TO – Autotyping

Hey Nachos!

I am starting off a new series of posts called ‘HOW TO’ which I hope you will find both interesting and helpful. The first of this new series is about a method of recruiting called ‘Autotyping’, which is widely used in the major armies of this community. While maintaining activity by attending events is important, recruiting also plays a massive role in our army. If you are ranked moderator or above, you are expected to recruit for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. This will allow us to gain more sizes at events and have an overall more enjoyable time. So without further ado, I present to you my official step-by-step autotyping guide! 😛



STEP 1: Firstly, you need to download the autotyping program. To do this, go to http://www.garyshood.com/rsclient/ and click the button the page that looks like this:


STEP 2: Skip the Adf.ly and save the file named rsclient.exe to your computer’s documents.



STEP 3: When you have finished downloading the program and opened it up, a menu should appear, such as the one below. Click on “Auto Typer”.


STEP 4: The “Runescape Auto Typer” should then appear. Set the message rate to five seconds and then begin to type in your recruiting lines by pressing “Add”.

To receive recruiting lines, private chat an owner on the chat for them. Lines will be updated weekly so please check, as CP may filter some recruiting phrases.



STEP 5: Log onto a crowded room on a five-bar server. Make sure your cursor is flashing in the chat box and then click “Start” on the autotyper. The messages will then begin to appear one after another. However, you cannot use other tabs while autotyping but do make sure you keep checking back to your computer after a while, as there is a chance you could have lost connection or have been banned.


DO NOT log on your main Club Penguin account because there is a big chance it will get banned, use spare accounts when you are autotyping or ask a leader for a special account.


Viva Los Nachos! ~Max43810

8 Responses

  1. Firsttt :mrgreen:

  2. Will you get a virus if you download a “Autotyper?”


  4. u forgot to include my mac autotyper

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