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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Promotions from September!

You guys deserve ’em!

Blue= You got a promotion! 🙂

Red= You got a demotion! 😦

Purple= You got a DOUBLE PROMOTION ! 😀

Orange + *= Can’t be promoted, but person will receive next rank when it opens up 🙂


 General of the Army » Agent233, B Batman3, Cowboydan101[ON LEAVE]

 General »  Legofan Cy, Zekrom[Tootal], Stone523,

 Lieutenant General »  Percy jacks2, Konrad


 Brigadier General »  Summit[Zozarutchi1]*, Eggs54, Guitar 48300, Zone*[Tad77Swat], Xmen[Firehot6], Centaur17(TEMPORARY DEMOTION)

 Colonel »  Rare18, Dj Dan, Clyde[N05hoc], Pechu123, Sava346, 95spider

 Major »   James50,  General Rek

 Captain »  Casillas2159

 1st Lieutenant » Impetuous99,  Epickitty102, Datdudebp, Neer the End, Bacara

 2nd Lieutenant »   Cookieball2

 Master Sergeant » Whitey 312, Gary0503

 Sergeant »  Msfab21, Sweet 983

 Corporal »  Kenny725[Robotracer], Arkadiy Deli, Realrishi, Shadow 766, Hatsun, katniss33335

 Lance Corporal »  Dog348, Polarskater1, Deviousdev2, Fernan1206

Bull Hour, Ryguy4242, , Ivy7777, Iceinmyveins, Emily537, Add73, Ultra Radu, peteeeeeeee,Emz 78940, Alexape

 Private First Class »  Mimigaming1,  Ifrankencop, Misty10, Wodles8976, Zommer2012, Litt34, HaloLegends8, , Benja1426, Ethancoen7,  Ugnyte124,   arther1234, hwilborn123, Buss368,  Mollymoouu, Luvolivia234, Jilbert, Joeymnbvcxza,

 Private »  Xxash352,  Fruitninja77, Boypranav. Ann10111, Fishslap15, Sisbro4, Ksginny, Jalen2005, Prince012, Aquapeeps, Dylyschott, Angieeek, Aj888, Cutey537,Melissa28902, Trinity, Zadaa6, Fluttersh988, Tory005, GiaRammGabu, Piky57314, Mike72222, Kaileebug08, Slipperysam4, 7e2uhdvqii9d, Bellabellie, Zrcoop2, Superboy77k7, Lindzolla, IHeartShel, Doba,  Flickapink, Mrswag1003, iimillah, Erica93557, Ninja Usa1, 1D Llamas,Terry92316, Sheree Tam, Aj22000, Mrman123, Pkachu Pika, Pickletree90, Repunzel127, Fourcats, Pearl52612, Purplemoon15, Rainbowlord4, Pinky Fluffs, Repunzel127, Nachoarmycp7, Agentmoose01, Rplane101gt, Superanna1, Joey23400, PsychoSurfer, Superanna1, Pig Gameplay, Taejahpinky


The chances are, I missed some of you. If I missed you and/or you feel you deserved a promo and didn’t get one, comment on this post or speak to me on chat A.S.A.P. Enjoy your promos and the rest of your weekends!


****Nacho leader****

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  1. Why do I never get to be up here?? Hannah9809

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