Victory AGAIN!!!!!WE MOVE ON!

The Ice Warriors displayed weakness by not showing up to the battle which determined our groups winner. We logged on thinking we’d be fighting them, but they didn’t. So far, in this tournament, we haven’t had to fight anyone. This is the Nacho God telling us that we HAVE to win this tournament.

This brings us to………Story time!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was an army called the Ice Vikings. Now, the Ice Vikings were much like us. They maybe were not the biggest army, but they had the heart to be it. The Ice Vikings participated in a tournament in 2010 called the “Holidays tournament” which is today’s Christmas Chaos. IV were projected to lose in the first round to Team Gold, but the Ice Vikings had superior numbers to Team Gold (they had a really bad event). The Ice Vikings came out on top. Next, they had to face the Roman Fire Warriors who were significantly bigger than them. Well, IV again put up a fight and came out as the victor of that battle. In the quarter finals, the Ice Vikings beat the Ice Warriors with the help of public vote and the fact IW cheated. Everyone thought the Ice Vikings wouldn’t make it further in the tournament because they had to face the titan number 2 army, the Night Warriors. The Ice Vikings beat them in a very close battle. The top medium army was now facing the number 1 would power army, ACP in the finals of the Holidays tournament. The IV showed up to that battle with 45 soldiers, holy cow right? Well, ACP got lucky and showed up with 100 soldiers. Although IV lost, they proved they were a worthy opponent.

We will do what IV didn’t, and we will win this tournament.

We maxed 15 and averaged 12 .

We j bombed the sh*t out of Cargo.

Then we dog pile r*ped him *wary*


****Nacho leader****

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  1. I was there

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