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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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We’ve made History.


Legofan Cy: Nachos, you were absolute monsters today! You acted like real and loyal nacho troops, as always! We will now keep our record of winning at least 1 tournament each year since the first, until at least 2017. Seriously, good job! Enjoy our victory!

Nachos, you all made me proud today. Prouder than ever before.

After my Junior Varsity Football team lost our first play off game today, I came onto the Nacho chat full of anxiety and fear. This anxiety and fear was cleared IMMEDIATELY when I saw the Nacho chat size. I then went over to the Water Vikings chat and realized they had way more than we did. We Nachos recruited for about an hour or so before the event, and the chat filled up. I went onto Klondike to find out that the Water Vikings logged on REALLY early. I decided to keep my newly armed crowd excited and I ordered them to log on early too. Much of the chat logged on and had a pre-battle tailgating party at the Snow Forts. We eventually logged on and entered the Ice Berg, where we easily dominated in tactics and formations, but it was much closer in size. The room change was ordered, and we stormed the Ice Rink. There, we also dominated in tactics and formations, and we had the upper hand in size. Towards the end of the battle, we were ordered to go to the Skatepark, the crappiest room ever. There, we lost A LOT of size but still managed to be even with the Water Vikings. The battle ended, and we were declared the victors of the tournament in a 3-2-1 vote.

Achievements and things I realized:

We maxed 40.

We had 52 on chat at one point.

Throughout this tournament, we made the the biggest comeback in history. (Better than Ice Viking’s comeback)

Underdogs are strong.

Kevin is God.

Nachos rule.


Pictures :

The past two CPAWM tournaments held were won by the Nachos. 

Before you stop reading this post, realize we’ve made history. This is the first Nacho win in a LONG time. 

Comment if you came 😀


****Nacho leader****

Recruiting Session results/Minor scuffle with RPF?

We logged on Ice Berg for a thirty minute low scale recruiting event, as I’m posting this the join comment number is at thirteen recruits, so we’ll say this event was a success. We Nachos went to the Snow Forts and chanted a ton of stuff to get new penguins to join, I think at one point we had a combined force of about 15 rogues/real Nachos which was cool. Ironically, RPF had an event at the same time as us, a recruiting one. What better way to get recruits than battle each other? RPF didn’t stay long, as they respected our recruiting event and instead went to another room. Thanks RPF 🙂 . Here’s some pictures:

Agent and I are going to post a costume/igloo contest for halloween. Hope you guys like that 🙂


****Nacho leader****

Semi-Finals here we come![Results]

Update: A video of the battle thanks to Legofan Cy!

At 2:30, Eastern Standard Time, I found myself in a great place. I was on a chat with the soldiers of the Nacho Army. We won the quarterfinal match of the Champions Cup.

Today, we were tasked with battling the Snow Ninjas in the Quarterfinals of CPAC’s Champions cup. We logged on and from the beginning we took the lead. In my opinion, our tactics were close to perfect, our size was a big improvement from last week, and the Nacho was spirit was the best it’s been in awhile. We started at the Dock with a few warm up tactics, and quickly made our way to the Ice Berg. There, we dominated in formations, size and tactics. After about 15 minutes of that, we made our way to the Ice Rink/Stadium. We immediately made a large formation giving SN little room to make theirs. There, we also dominated in tactics, formations and size. From there, Zing named us the victors of the quarterfinal battle. Now Nachos, we are now two battles away from victory. We will make history as the greatest comeback story since the Ice Vikings. We maxed about 20+. Good work Nachos.

**Things I noticed at the battle**

  • Every owner  was online.
  • Every Nacho was excited to be here and did their job.
  • You guys did very well with formations, especially you new guys.
  • Our leading of tactics needs some work.
  • Nachos rule.
  • Kevin is God

Highlight Photos:

Warm up


Stadium/Ice Rink


Comment if you made it, Medals will be distributed


****Nacho leader****

Victory AGAIN!!!!!WE MOVE ON!

The Ice Warriors displayed weakness by not showing up to the battle which determined our groups winner. We logged on thinking we’d be fighting them, but they didn’t. So far, in this tournament, we haven’t had to fight anyone. This is the Nacho God telling us that we HAVE to win this tournament.

This brings us to………Story time!

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PB vs. AR [Results]

Hey, Nachos

B Batman3 here

Today we logged onto Fjord for a friendly practice battle with the Army Republic. We started off doing well in the town with about 15 soldiers online. After that, we met up with the Army Republic in the snow forts where we lost a ton of size. Co-ordination between leaders was rough with us trying to lead tactics at the same time. It’s all stuff we have to work on 🙂 . We lost today’s PB because of those things. Not a big deal, we’re failing forward(that means we’re getting better). Although our tactics were sloppy, our formations were not. We actually were able to get into like 3-4 different ones at the forts. Overall, I think our max was about 16+ and our average was 12. Good job Nachos. Weekday events will be posted tonight.

Keep up the good work!

Here are some pictures 😛

My pictures:

Speedy’s pic:

Chat pictures:

I say again, the event post will be out momentarily. Comment if you made this event.


****Nacho Leader****

Big CP Battle SOON!

Big CP battle everyone! Make sure you attend 😀 We will be fighting the Army Republic. Server will be announced on chat below. Be here 10 minutes before the battle. Here are the times

  • 4:00 EST ❗

  • 3:00 CST ❗

  • 2:00 MST ❗

  • 1:00 PST ❗

  • 9:00 UK ❗

Report to our chat for orders below!

When we log onto Club Penguin, make this formation 😀

When we log on wear this or something close to it.

Hopefully I’ll see you at the battle.



Operation Zipline Phase 2 on White Out!

Hey, Nachos

B Batman3 here

You’re probly like “da hell?” at the title. I’ll explain.

Today we logged onto White Out instead of Zipline. Who wants to have a recruiting event on a 2 bar server (Zipline) :/ ? Instead we just logged onto White Out. Hopefully this is temporary. With unscheduled recruiting, we’ve been using both servers. In the event Zipline becomes a crappy server (it won’t we just got unlucky today) we will just use White Out. We maxed about 18. Good job Nachos.

We must make these servers 100% Nacho! By the time this operation is over, We should have rogues across the server.


Today, Sava346 and Roccobob2003’s penguins got banned during our recruiting.

Now, to prevent this, just :

  • Use a spare recruiting penguin – If you need one, just PC me on chat! I look like this on chat 😛
  • Don’t autotype with your main penguin. During recruiting events, we use simple phrases like “CP NACHOS”, “NACHO CLUB”, “TURN RED”, or “PUT ON SOMBRERO”. Chances are if you autotype with your main penguin, you will be banned !:(


Here are some pictures 😀

Wasn’t really a full chat picture. 

Well, Thanks to all those who attended. Comment if you came.


Weekend events!

Hey, Nachos

B Batman3 here

I’m just posting some times for weekend events. I saw you guys were getting a little bored of constant recruiting so we will be having a training session Saturday and a practice battle on Sunday. Weekday events will compose of recruiting/training and next weekends events will most likely be the same as this.

Here are the times : D



Date: 8/22

Server: Fjord | | Room: Town


4:00 PM EST

 3:00 PM CST

 2:00 PM MST

 1:00 PM PST

 9:00 PM UK



Practice Battle vs. *TBA*

Date: 8/22

Server: TBA | | Room: TBA


4:00 PM EST

 3:00 PM CST

 2:00 PM MST

 1:00 PM PST

 9:00 PM UK

Below is our moderated chat room.

Comment if you can come! 


****Nacho leader****

Operation Zipline phase 1 [Success]

Video of the event:

Hi Nachos,

B Batman3 here.

Today, as planned, we logged onto Zipline for a recruiting session. We came out swinging and had a lot of Club Penguin players join in with a ton of nulls visiting our chat. I even had a couple of convos with a few of them. Because of the success I saw with this, we’ll be doing this frequently. Overall Nachos, great job today. We had around 15-20 on CP at the peak of the event and 25 or so on chat. Again I saw, good job guys.

Thanks to all who attended!

Here are some pictures below 😀

Sorry for the lack of pics, I lost mine. I’ll put up a video of the event soon though.

Thanks for attending everyone,

Comment if you came!


****Nacho leader****