Tuxedo remains ours!!!!!

The Nacho Army and Forces of the Rebel Penguin Federation met today on Tuxedo. RPF came here thinking they could take back their precious capital which was captured by Nacho forces a few days earlier. We met each other at the Berg and exchanged some gun fire (emote tactics). The Nachos were able to surpass them in size and tactics/formations at the Berg. We were the defending army. RPF was probably gonna remain in one room the entire battle, so we took the initiative and we moved rooms. Surprisingly RPF followed us. We then dominated the Plaza for last couple minutes of the battle, and the Nacho soldiers were parading the streets of the Plaza within minutes. Again, RPF respectfully admitted defeat. Great job RPF, but even a better job to Nachos. We maxed 23.


Message to RPF:

We will stop attacking when you guys kick Elmikey and Silverburg out. You guys started this war, we’re gonna end it. Rise up as a people again them. They are controlling you. Your leaders, Clout and Robot are living in a sphere of fear (i spit bars!!!). Your leaders aren’t able to work to the best of their abilities. Wake up. Defend yourselves. 



*Just would like to add, we have never lost a battle when CMPUNK435 was online*

Thank you Luis, for respectfully admitting defeat.

Stone edit: Enjoy Tuxedo! “Mexican victory”

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.52.40 PM





****Nacho leader****

Comment if you came!

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  1. Punk is our new lucky charm. 🙂

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