Taking The Capital? What A Breeze!

Hey Nachos!

Zing here with some exciting news. Just recently, we went onto the ACP’s capital server and we took Breeze from them. ACP had 24+ hours notice of the invasion but decided not to come due to them knowing they can’t beat Nachos. Breeze now belongs to the Nacho Army. Good job to everyone who came!


More pictures:

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-59-11.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-58-29.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-59-03.png


Screenshot at Apr 03 15-59-35.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-59-49.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-58-43.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 15-59-55.png

Screenshot at Apr 03 16-00-14.png

6 Responses

  1. I made it!

  2. I came to it!

  3. I came, and ACP=Army of Crazy Psychos

  4. I made to the raid!

  5. I was there 😀

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