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Card-Jitsu Tournament [SIGN UP BY FRIDAY] + New Game

Hola Nachos!

The results are in for the poll I posted last week. Tie on your Ninja Masks because the winning game is Card-Jitsu, with a total of 20 votes!


Nacho Card-Jitsu Tournament

Date: Sunday, May 1

Server: Fjord Room: Dojo


8:30pm UK

3:30pm EST

2:30pm CST

1:30pm MST

12:30pm PST



You MUST comment on this post answering these 2 questions to sign up.

1) What is your name?
2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above?

Sign up ends at 9:00pm EST on Friday, April 29 [2:00am UK on Saturday].


  • This will be a bracket style tournament. Hopefully a good number of people will sign up so we can fill out a complete bracket.
  • Each round will consist of one match. If you win, you move on. If you lose, you’re knocked out.


  • You cannot use the Card Reveal CuP add-in, which allows you to see your opponents cards. I don’t need to explain why.
  • Be honest. If you lost, don’t say that you won. Be prepared to take screenshots of the message after the game where it says who wins in case such an incident occurs.

PRIZES  ptyNovedadesXat.png

The winner will receive:

  • Temp mod/owner on chat
  • 100 XATS (if registered on XAT)
  • An event of their choice
  • A trophy with their name on it
  • The title of “Nacho Ninja Master”
  • Bragging rights


I also have a new idea that will benefit the troops who attend events, and encourage more people to attend events. Please continue reading.

Here is How it Will Work

In this picture you can see a circle of seven penguins and myself. Five of them are Extremely Rare, and two are somewhat rare but they also have Membership.
→ For each event in which we reach a set size goal on Club Penguin, one of these accounts will be given to a lucky NACHO soldier who attended the event.

Here are the size goals for each penguin, they will be given out in clockwise order from the picture above:

→ 1ST PENGUIN [Beta/Rare]: 20+ Nachos

→ 2ND PENGUIN [Beta/Rare]: 25+ Nachos

→ 3RD PENGUIN [Member]: 25+ Nachos

→ 4TH PENGUIN [Member]: 30+ Nachos

→ 5TH PENGUIN [Beta/Rare]: 30+ Nachos

→ 6TH PENGUIN [Beta/Rare]: 30+ Nachos

→ 7TH PENGUIN [Beta/Rare]: 35+ Nachos


These penguins are not from youtube channels that give away rare accounts, they are ones I have found on my own. So you won’t have tons of people logging into the account, which eventually causes it to get banned forever. You and maybe 1-2 other people will be the only ones using the account.

How The Winner Will Be Selected

The names of every person who attended the event will be put into a Random Name Picker. Whoever is selected will win the account, which will be announced both on chat and in the results post of the event. The winner must private chat [PC] Stone523 on chat to receive the account.

Note: Additionally, the two troops who attend the most events during the month of May will each be rewarded one of these accounts of their choice [which will be given on June 1st].

Note 2: There will be a 2 penguin limit per person, so that a minimum of 4 people will win if all the penguins are given out.

Note 3: The game will END on June 1st, regardless of whether all the penguins have been given away. If you want to have the best chance of winning a penguin, come to as many events as you can, and encourage as many people as you can to attend as well.

Please comment what you think of this idea, and if you think using the random name picker is a good way to select the winner, or any other suggestions. The game will begin on Wednesday, April 27.

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

34 Responses

  1. Name: Saltinee123
    I will probably make it to the tournaments!

  2. Name: MightyPaw
    i’ll be there, for the showdown of me and stone.

  3. Name : Nachokid5499
    Zi will crush ze all oppozition

  4. Name:Jammi dodger
    I can and will attend
    rakejen my card jistu rival im challenging you to 1v1 face off do you accept my challenge? 😀

  5. Name: kevdonkey_hee_haw
    I’m not gonna make it I just felt like commenting

  6. 1) What is your name? Mario988
    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above? I’ll have to check but most likely I can!

  7. Name: Yellowpen3
    me and my puffles( loyal, extreme, shiny, zany, etc. ) will try to make it and use all of our red belt strength!

  8. 1) What is your name? Mario988
    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above? I’ll have to check my schedule but most likely I can!

  9. I also think the rare/member penguin giveaway idea is great because it will encourage more troops to contribute to our army.

  10. Name: Stone523
    I will be there!

  11. Name: Wilson 500
    I can make it!

  12. shoot, I’ll be out of town for Easter.. Good luck to everyone! May the master win!

  13. Name: Casillas2159
    I’ll try my best to make it. (I probably will)

  14. Aww! Sorry but I can’t be there, can’t it be May 3?

  15. What is your name? Booboo33233
    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above? I am not sure exactly since my time on weekends are wonky, but I have an 8/10 chance of being there!

  16. 1) What is your name? Blueysib6
    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above? Yes, I think so.

  17. I like the idea of the rare accounts. I really hope that I get one! Using the random name picker is a good way to select the winner but I probably won’t be picked from one.

  18. katniss33335
    will try my best to be there!

  19. Name: Poseidon 112
    Mostly I will be there

  20. Name:Libra29emy
    i will be thre i promise 😀

  21. name:Libra29emy
    i will be there

  22. Name:Libra29emy

  23. Name: Angelarmy123
    Yes i can make it lol

  24. i’m calling out all owners attending (salt included), I want to challenge each and every one of you,i have bets with stone, now for some others to be made (:< Power to The Sombrero, (i will release a song during the event on tinychat at tinychat.com/nachos )

  25. 1) What is your name?

    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above?
    I will make it 🙂 but I don’t have all the fancy cards everyone else has 😦

  26. add homeboy celtic to the brackets. that would be dos

  27. 1) What is your name? Rakejen
    2) Can you make it to the tournament at the time and date listed above? Yes I can I usually come to events at 3:00 + it is on Sunday

  28. Nam: Epickitty102
    I can make it
    I al so like the rare penguin give away

  29. Name: Plungerita
    I am able to attend the event!

  30. Name: Pickletree93
    Sorry if my comment is a bit late. Sorry I couldn’t come!

  31. […] is now June 1st, which means the penguin giveaway opportunity I introduced a month ago is now over. As promised, the two troops who attended the most events during the month of May […]

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