Today the U.K division logged on the server Fjord to have a 3 way Practice Battle Against Army Republic AND Army of Club Penguin! The Nachos started in the Snow Forts then bombed the Town. Then after some tactics in the Town we moved to the Ice Berg to finish up! We maxed 10. Read on for pictures!













10 Responses

  1. This was great fun! Good job Nachos.

  2. I came. i think we could have gotten more.

  3. I was there 🙂

  4. Right have we decided which army Sophiaismygirl is in yet?… XD

  5. GG Nachos on this battle 🙂

  6. I wasn’t there 😥 😥 😥

  7. I couldn’t come to it and I can’t really come to any right now because my mother is ridiculous and has blocked xat because she blocked almost everything to stop my brother from playing games so that he can revise right now. I will hopefully be able to come soon. I could also try to come without seeing what to do and guess.

  8. I just want you guys to know that I will be able to attend very many events next week, as my mom (who owns the best computer in the house) is getting a new job. So i should be able to attend events Monday and Friday until after school stuff ends,and when they end I can also come to Wednesday. I can make 1 Saturday every 2 months. Really sorry, but thought you guys should know. D: Stay strong Nacho Army

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