UK Igloo Raid

Hola Nachos,

Today our UK Division did an Igloo Raid on Ice Berg. We raided two igloos, with a max of 10.

16 Responses

  1. We did not max 25! 😦

  2. I was there 🙂 😀
    BT I’m not in that pic 😦 😦

    • I saw you in cp

      • Yehaw, I highly recommend you to be on our chat ( ) during events. Click on that link to come to our chat!

        • I can’t, my computer only has CP for nachos and my iPad has no flash player (it can’t support it) so I can’t chat 😦 but I can make a chat for nachos :), no email

          • Oh

        • Do you want a chat for nachos? I can make a very awesome chat, do you want one?

        • Theta team says: “NO NACHO RULE AND ACP SUCK BADILY AND I DECLARE WAR ON YOU.” in Nacho Chat and another one said “dick”

  3. I came, and we need more people!!!

  4. I told Mystell in cp if she wanted to join this army and she said yes

    • You should download puffin on your ipad. It’ll allow you to come on chat.

      • Well I am trying to download puffin app for another reason too but I need my mom to say yes

  5. We didnt get many pics

  6. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I was at my friend’s house. Won’t happen again!

  7. Ive been a Nacho for a while but I don’t have the outfit because I’m not a member on club penguin
    Do I have to be a member to have the outfit?

    • We have a non-member uniform too! Check out the uniform page:

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